APMT 440 Week 2 Media’s Influence on Society

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Media’s Influence on Society

Media’s Influence on Society   Media is all about communication. The media that has the biggest influence on society is social media. 

I say social media because it’s such an advancement in technology that nearly anywhere you go in the world, people are using social media or at least on social media operations.  The reason I say that is because indeed in real-life samples, far and wide I go, people are constantly not alive of their surroundings presently.

The explanation behind that is since social media has come so popular, it seems people are always peering down at their phones rather than looking around and taking in moments. It appears that life is going by, and people are too concerned with what others are doing or posting.  Now to speak about mass society propositions and how they impact mortal behavior. 

APMT 440 Week 2 Media’s Influence on Society

In this composition it states, “Mass society proposition is an interdisciplinary notice of the cooperative identity that results from the mass commodification of culture and the mass media’s manipulation of society. ” (Flynn, 20210) When it comes to this proposition, it seems that the introductory idea is for people who appear to be lonely. I believe that is why the proposition impacts mortal behavior especially when it comes to media. Media makes people feel connected and have a sense of belonging. 

A proposition that comes to mind is Maslow’s scale of conditions.  I say that because his proposition is divided into sections and one of them is the social conditions, which are changing acceptance, belonging, and love. That can all come from media and social media, which can be a good thing but not always because media is not always veracious especially social media. 

The proposition of picky influence offers dispatches to society. This can change a person’s behavior, but it can be changed due to the media’s communication if two people see it, there can be two different results. 

APMT 440 Week 2 Media’s Influence on Society

That is where propaganda means impacting people’s opinions.  predicated upon the proposition it can affect the way one person thinks and another way a person thinks. An illustration of this could be, band wagering. A person could be watching the news and see a commodity that they believe is real but in reality, it’s false so it could change their opinion on a political view analogous to a president or their beliefs in how they suppose the war should be handled. The news shows so important propaganda because the media wants people to believe one thing and sometimes another thing just like the proposition of picky asserts.  

Propaganda has affected our world in different ways because as I stated it makes people believe other goods and changes their judgment on certain goods. Not everything is negative still because sometimes changing our judgment is not a bad thing. 

An illustration of positive propaganda could be as simple as dispatches about healthy eating habits. Also, the goods smoking, and drug use are good illustrations because there are billboards that show the long-term goods that could make a person quit smoking or try and get help with a dependence. 

APMT 440 Week 2 Media’s Influence on Society

These are positive samples of propaganda because I wanted to bat on how not everything is negative. Speaking of samples of positive bones, I do want to examine how one of the biggest negative samples of propaganda goods a person dramatically.  

That is body image and how eating conduct is told by social media. In this composition, it states, “As body image is a pivotal trouble factor in the development and conservation of eating conditions it’s important to examine appearance-related social media conduct, particularly those related to “selfies” and trouble for eating complaint onset.” (Lonergan, 2020) I completely agree with this composition because I suppose social media does spark eating conditions. 

I say that because so multitudinous celebrities post selfies, but they are not real. They are edited but not everyone knows that especially, immature girls who follow these celebrities, so they start to compare and suppose that is what they need to look like that.  

APMT 440 Week 2 Media’s Influence on Society

In conclusion, the media uses mass persuasion earnings by images and heartstrings rather than text. I believe that is why so multitudinous social media operations use images. also, that is why television is so important when it comes to impacting people. But if a person knows about deductive sense, they can easily ignore rather than be told.

The reason I say that is because deductive sense is the process of sense from one statement to reach a logical conclusion. Still, they can start to suppose how they truly feel about a commodity rather than being forced into allowing about commodity, if a person keeps this in mind from the media. 


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