BHS 420 Topic 1 Early Adult Essay

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Beforehand Adult Essay

Early majority can be a tricky time for numerous people. There are a variety of areas that play a huge part in how one navigates their way through their early majority life. Three responses from people who are in or have been through this early majority transition were taken into account when demonstrating how poignant factors are in this time. This paper will compare and differentiate the congruity between responses in comparison to text information in order to demonstrate how someone can apply it in their diurnal lives during this transition.

Compare and Differ of Responses

Overall the responses that were entered are veritably analogous to one another, with answers lapping. In respects to the first question and talking with a teen, all responses used the word “enjoy” to describe what one should feel when chancing commodity to maintain physical health. By doing commodity that one enjoys, there’s the liability that they will continue to engage in this exertion as they find it pleasing. The alternate question about the consummation of entering majority was defined by paying certain effects similar as bills and rent, but had different answers to when the family would fete the transition.

BHS 420 Topic 1 Early Adult Essay

Two of the three responses honored majority by a specific point in one’s life- council- and the other by a combination of working and making plutocrat for oneself. In the remaining three questions, the words balance, boundaries, and suspicion were all mentioned in some way with all three responses. Throughout the rest of the paper, the text demonstrates how each of these questions were harmonious or not in their overall agreement.

Transition to Adulthood

Transitioning to majority is commodity that can differ from person to person. It was stated that, “Majority changes in tone- conception and personality reflect growing mindfulness of a finite lifetime, longer life experience, and generative enterprises” (Berk, 2017). This quotation demonstrates how a person can and is still growing when making the change into majority. An illustration of this would be in respects to romantic connections. It’s clear that a romantic relationship naturally changes a person’s tone- conception as they’re now involved with another person.

BHS 420 Topic 1 Early Adult Essay

Two responses posed a contrary reflection of the “finite lifetime” mentioned over. When asked the question of having any signs that indicate a relationship should end, suspicion was responsible for this. One response stated, “Occasionally there’s no clear index beyond a gut feeling or desire to explore further beyond that person” (Rule, particular communication, 2022). Another response said that, “I don’t suppose there’s a timeline or ‘right time’ per say-so- it’s more just a feeling for me” (Salle, particular communication, 2022).

A conclusion made from their responses was that this finite lifetime wasn’t inescapably taken into account. If commodity doesn’t feel right or there is questioning about continuing to be in a relationship, it can just be ended. They didn’t mention the fact that there’s only so important time or a limited quantum of time for someone to completely know them. Through their responses still, there was a congruity to not lose oneself in the transition when adding a romantic relationship, or indeed when exploring other areas of majority.

Establishing A Healthy life

A healthy life is commodity that can be fluently achieved and justifiable in one’s life. There are multiple factors of a healthy life similar as exercise, work- life balance, and connections. Exercise was said to have, “.a range of physical and cerebral benefits-among them, equipping grown-ups to handle stress more effectively and reducing the threat of numerous conditions” (Berk, 2017). This sounded to relate with the responses as they all said how physical health can also ameliorate other areas of one’s life similar as their internal health.

The physical aspect, as hard as it may be to do everyday can play a vital part in how one maintains a healthy life. A work- life balance was defined by, “Setting prospects and constantly following up on them administering them goes a long way for establishing boundaries” (Newton, particular communication, 2022). The boundaries help to produce the balance of what can be taken into one’s particular versus professional life. There may be effects, especially in the healthcare field, that can’t be mentioned outside of the plant due to confidentiality and HIPAA.

BHS 420 Topic 1 Early Adult Essay

By setting boundaries there’s a better control on not crossing over particular impulses regarding what may be passing at work. There has to be boundaries in order to produce these two cultures that also do not detriment connections. Incipiently, connections also have to be healthy in order to prop one another throughout majority. The significance that was placed on culture and values was an amicable response from all three people. Culture and values was commodity that was said to hold a lot of power in a healthy relationship.

While none of the responses said that their significant other requirements to have the same culture and values as themselves, all they asked for was respect. One response was more adamant on culture and values getting a make- or- break factor for their relationship. The other two responses said they would prefer their significant other to have analogous culture and values, more so for their future with erecting a family.

Conclusion it’s clear that the responses were analogous to what was handed in the text, and there were not numerous exemplifications or responses that differed in views. While the transition to majority is different for each person, there are common themes on how to produce a healthy life in colorful areas to ease this transition. By taking into account how common the responses were, it demonstrates that these may be factors that can work and be helpful for someone during their particular transition.


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