BUS 4068 Unit 3 Assignment 2 Detecting Potential Fraudulent Activities

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  1. Develop a straightforward detection system that can address the juice bar issues.

A simple location component that can be used to handle the juice bar’s freeloading issue is recruiting a full-time staff. A worker at the juice bar will go about as a control system, keeping track of which clients drink and which do not. The employee will examine the glass type to determine whether the customer has paid for the juices. Provided this is true, they will offer squeeze or water to the client.

  1. In your opinion, what role should detection play in this problem?

In this situation, the best recognition obligation is to forestall shoppers who still need to buy the juice choice from filling their glasses with juice. The control environment, an important component of the internal control mechanism, will be enhanced in particular ways by detection. As the number of instances of juice bar theft decreases and eventually vanishes, the lower cost of fresh fruits will cover the employee’s expenses.


Ashley Wesley is the associate regulator at the Walitin Development Organization and a key practitioner of moral business guidelines and is expressly dealing with the morals hotline for Walitin Development Organization. She is running everything easily, and the business is doing well. 

Bus 4068 Unit 3 Assignment 2 Detecting Potential Fraudulent Activities

However, Ashley is experiencing problems, most notably with Betty Grabber, a relative of Roberta, the company’s CEO. Ashley reports to Bob Benson, who has marital difficulties and is not taking Ashley’s concerns seriously. Betty uses her connections to her family to send Roberta a message informing her that Ashley wants to fire Bob Benson. 

This is basic, and Ashley ought to research and report the tip she got from the hotline to Roberta before it gets past the point of no return. She ought to confide in Roberta Walitin and provide a comprehensive explanation, displaying the email, thereby establishing her position. 

She appreciates Bob’s friendship and respects his leadership, stating that she works well with him and does not intend to take his place. Nor has she any designs to leave Walitin Development Organization. It would not be a good idea for her to examine all alone. 

She should first meet with Bob Ben, her immediate boss, then meet Roberta and Ben and explain the situation. Because Bob has also recently begun to distance himself, it is preferable to resolve the matter immediately so that she can determine whether the issue is this or his marital problems. 

Bus 4068 Unit 3 Assignment 2 Detecting Potential Fraudulent Activities

Creating anxiety is pointless when you rely on anonymous messages and get lost in them. This is also the case when she has good reason to believe that Betty is the source of all of these rumors, and she is certain that she is determined to cast doubts on Betty’s character for her selfish purposes.

Since ethics requires honesty and nothing contrary to what has been reported has occurred, Ashley need not be concerned about the repercussions or Roberta’s reaction. The first and most important thing is to get Ben to talk to you straight. 

If you do that, everything will be back to normal. Trustworthiness is an awesome strategy. Roberta needs to be told about Betty, either from Bob or Ashley herself and told to keep her mouth shut for the benefit of the business.

Perhaps a little hesitant, but everything will be fine after that. Walton’s hotline is a great stage to get input and ideas to develop business morals further. However, the hotline expected improvement to make it more powerful than it ought to distinguish the source of criticism to distinguish that input is certifiable and not fake.

Bus 4068 Unit 3 Assignment 2 Detecting Potential Fraudulent Activities

Having a complaint cell like this in place is beneficial. However, in extreme circumstances like these, it should be possible to identify the sender so that the company is correctly informed and unnecessary rumors do not stress out the enthusiastic staff. The organization might be discrete. The rumor mill is also discouraged from disseminating false information out of fear of responding to senior management.