BUS 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Internal Control Process

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Control inside

The internal control of a company’s operations to achieve the organization’s goal is known as internal control. For instance, if the objective is to be accomplished, it is necessary to avoid activities like embezzlement and fraud.

  1. Skyworks internal control is inadequate in light of Frank and Joe’s management of the issue:

After learning of a $14000 fraud at the Larson cement plant, I decided to investigate. Frank Larson found the conman by using evidence. There is misappropriation in a financial balance that is $14000 overdrawn. Blunt Larson has established successful inward control by isolating jobs and selecting two individuals.

Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Internal Control Process 

Betty oversees credit approvals, bill payments, and collection, while Joe oversees bank reconciliation. Frank and Joe can identify the con artist as a result. Joe was tasked with conducting an internal audit of Betty’s work with Frank. Frank also put in a hidden camera to watch everything Betty does at her workstation. By appointing a fraud investigator without informing Betty, Frank handled the situation brilliantly, and this is how he managed the B. Evaluating Larson cement internal control processes:

Larson has adequate internal controls in place for the following reasons

  1. Larson Cement Company has implemented an effective internal control system. There is a clear division of duties between the two accountants who have been hired. One person is responsible for account receivables and bank reconciliation, while the other is for bill payment and collection. Roles must be separated in a business setting to reduce fraud.
  2. Frank, who is in charge of the company’s finances, is well-versed in financial matters and regularly evaluates the work of his subordinates to maintain control.

    Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Internal Control Process

A good internal control system also includes monitoring the work of subordinates. Permitting one bookkeeper to be reviewed by one more bookkeeper inside the association is a decent practice for diminishing misrepresentation. As a result, Larson Cement maintains a level of internal control that is acceptable.


Control inside

The inward rule suggests inside controlling endeavors of business with the end goal that legitimate objections are achieved. Practices that are negative for the achievement, like blackmail and misappropriation, should be restricted.

  1. Evaluating Skywarks inside a control

Skywark needs better internal control.

  1. There ought to be divisions of responsibilities. One who stays aware of cash due shouldn’t oversee some money. Mark works alone in this location and manages all the bookkeeping records, such as debt claims, creditor liabilities, cash, etc. Examine the book, finance, in contrast to the standards of obligation division.
  1. To verify Accountant Mark’s work, periodic inside reviews are essential.
  2. Rich is only interested in deal figures and only frequently examines financial reports. It demonstrates the shortfall of control on a piece of Rich essential commitments to supervising business issues.

    Bus 4068 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Internal Control Process

This implies that genuine inside control is missing in business.

  1. Uncovering concerning how well Rich took care of the issue with Imprint:

Rich had yet to deal with Mark’s problem carefully. Rich ought to covertly appoint an independent misrepresentation examiner after learning of Mark’s extortion or asset theft to gather evidence against him and prevent him from accessing important archives like dealing with cash and the Internet banking framework.
Moreover, after grouping of proof made him rebuked in court. On the other hand, their straightforward termination of Mark is an unacceptable step. Direct ending exacerbated things. As a result, Rich needs to deal with the situation better.