COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

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Part I

Since embarking on my collegiate journey at Capella, I have witnessed a slight shift in my path toward achieving my ultimate goal. While the end result remains unchanged, the routes leading to the coveted prize have evolved. My overarching objective in obtaining a degree in Information Technology is to become a project manager for a prominent tech company or business in the future. 

At this stage of my education, I am comfortable with the general goal I have set for myself. However, as I progress and delve into more specialized courses, I anticipate refining and fine-tuning my aspirations. While project management is the career path I aspire to with this degree, simply attaining a bachelor’s degree will be a worthwhile accomplishment.

COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

I chose project management due to my extensive management experience and my affinity for tackling complex issues on a large scale. Additionally, my passion for technology and helping others reach their fullest potential aligns perfectly with this chosen career path. 

In the realm of information technology (IT), successful projects necessitate meticulous planning, effective launch, and proficient management. As an IT project manager, it is essential to lead and direct the technical staff, act as a liaison for both the business and technical components of projects and carefully consider how each project phase impacts the organization. 

To ensure timely completion, adherence to standards, and achievement of budgetary goals, it is crucial to monitor and track progress. Project management in the IT domain encompasses a diverse range of skills, with over 61 identifiable skills associated with this field.

COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

These skills span from foundational competencies such as spreadsheet software (Excel), presentation software (PowerPoint), and desktop communication software (Skype, Discord) to more specialized proficiencies. Advanced skills include metadata management software (Nagios), analytical software (IBM SPSS Statistics), and portal software (Apache HTTP Server). 

Acquiring expertise in these specialized areas often requires specific training or focused study. While widely accessible software like Word and PowerPoint may seem straightforward, they possess hidden nuances and tools that can significantly enhance their capabilities beyond basic usage. On the other hand, more advanced software and programs cater to specialized roles, and although educational resources are available, some of these programs may be linked to specific career paths.

COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

Therefore, it is crucial for IT project managers to familiarize themselves with a variety of programs and software suites, as their responsibilities can range from designing and implementing a point-of-sale system for a local eatery to creating and launching a multi-level security system for a business. 

The foundational knowledge required for both scenarios exists within the IT domain, but the path to mastery differs significantly. From a practical standpoint, I have found that hands-on experience, supplemented by online video lessons, has been a valuable approach to learning. Combining experiential learning with targeted instruction from a university or accredited institution creates a powerful synergy that facilitates comprehensive education and skill development.

Part II

Throughout my professional experience, I have acquired a diverse set of personal and interpersonal skills that have enabled me to collaborate successfully with colleagues and upper management. As a project manager, effective leadership, communication, and correction skills are vital for directing and guiding individuals to accomplish their tasks accurately and within deadlines. 

I have encountered numerous situations where I have taken the lead, whether in a full-time position or on individual projects, and these experiences have equipped me with the necessary skills to navigate complex managerial responsibilities. COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

However, I recognize that my enrollment at Capella is driven by the desire to acquire the knowledge and information that are essential for becoming a proficient manager. While possessing excellent communication and leadership abilities is valuable, coupling these skills with the in-depth job and product knowledge is crucial for establishing a solid foundation and ensuring success in the IT field. 

The realm of IT is characterized by its density and the presence of diverse knowledge domains and specializations. A competent manager should possess expertise in the disciplines relevant to their job requirements, enabling them to fully commit to their work. Moreover, augmenting these skills with previous personal and on-the-job social skills significantly enhances employability.

COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

To effectively manage multiple tasks and priorities, ensuring coordinated project completion within schedule and budget, it is imperative to provide analysis and guidance for ongoing improvement efforts. By actively supporting endeavors to enhance processes and products on a daily basis, one can contribute to the overall success of the organization. 

The job listing provided by Dewtex, Inc. presents a challenge as the company lacks a readily accessible website, and the information available on platforms like Indeed is limited. To ascertain the legitimacy of this position and the organization itself, it would be prudent to visit the company in person or make direct contact to verify the details.

In contrast, the job listing found through CareerOneStop offers a more comprehensive and detailed description, making it easier to verify the information provided. The listing directs candidates to the company’s registration page, and a quick Google search corroborates the existence and credibility of the organization. Despite its larger scale compared to Dewtex, Inc., conducting thorough research on the organization is always advisable for potential candidates, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the company they aspire to work for.

COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

In conclusion, my journey toward a degree in Information Technology and my aspiration to become a project manager in the tech industry continue to evolve. Acquiring a breadth of skills, ranging from foundational software proficiencies to specialized knowledge, is essential for success in the IT project management field. 

Additionally, developing effective personal and interpersonal skills is crucial for leading and collaborating with individuals to accomplish project objectives. By pursuing a comprehensive education and continually expanding my knowledge, I aim to establish a strong foundation and enhance my employability in the IT industry. COM 1150 Assignment 3 Choosing a Career

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