COM 2000 Unit 4 Intercultural Activity Update and Outline

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Which sites (physical locations) will you visit?

One of the sites I plan to visit is the First Baptist Church of Athens, Georgia, where my European/Irish American coworker attends. Additionally, I have been invited to participate in her family’s Thanksgiving activities, which will take place at her home.

When will you visit these sites (physical locations)?

I have scheduled two visits to her church. The first visit will be this upcoming Sunday, and the second will be in two weeks. As for the Thanksgiving dinner, I plan to attend the evening celebration since I will be spending the day with my own family. COM 2000 Unit 4 Intercultural Activity Update and Outline

What types of information will you report on in your presentation? Include specific cultural patterns you expect to investigate.

In my presentation, I intend to report on how I am treated as a guest in the church and her family gathering. I will explore the differences in worship practices between her church and my own. 

Moreover, I am curious to observe how her family will handle having an African American person in their midst, especially considering that many of her relatives may not have previously interacted with individuals from different ethnic backgrounds. 

I aim to examine whether kindness and acceptance can transcend cultural boundaries, both in a worship setting and during a family event dedicated to expressing gratitude.

Whom will you interview informally to add perspective and context to your experiences? Include a list of at least six potential interview questions.

For informal interviews, I plan to engage with her mother, husband, and several church community members. Here are some potential interview questions:

  1. Have you ever shared a meal with someone from a different ethnicity or culture? If so, how did it go?
  2. Do you have friends who are ethnically different from yourself? COM 2000 Unit 4 Intercultural Activity Update and Outline
  3. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt uncomfortable due to a lack of communication with someone from a different culture? If so, how did you handle it?
  4. How often do you invite people from different cultures to your church to share the message of Christ?
  5. Do you extend your love for your church family to individuals of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures? If so, is it generally accepted?
  6. Would you consider inviting me back to your church or home? Could you share your reasons for the invitation or lack thereof? 

In what ways will you gather information for your report?

To gather information for my report, I will conduct online research, interview my coworker Suzanne and her family, as well as interact with many members of her church community. 

I will also attend physical locations where I typically would not go, places that predominantly consist of European Americans like Suzanne. Additionally, I will participate in cultural and diversity discussion panels at our workplace. COM 2000 Unit 4 Intercultural Activity Update and Outline

Suzanne and I believe these experiences will benefit both of us, helping us better understand each other and prepare for interactions with her family and friends.

What types of experiences will comprise the presentation?

I hope that the experiences comprising my presentation will be predominantly positive. However, I am prepared for the possibility of encountering negative feedback, as we live in a world where people often hold biased views and may be unwilling to see beyond ethnicity or culture. 

The presentation will include accounts of one-on-one conversations and group discussions, offering a comprehensive overview of the experiences and observations I have gathered. COM 2000 Unit 4 Intercultural Activity Update and Outline

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