COM FXP 1250 Assessment 4 Written Communication: Communicating a Change

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Written Communication: Writing a Memorandum (Memo)

To: Wanda Bell, Customer Service Manager at ABC INC.

From: Henrietta Ossai, order specialist at ABC INC

Date: August 8, 2022

Subject: proposal to streamline Workplace communication 

This memo aims to streamline workplace communication and improve the current method of communication in the workplace. Recently our primary customer did not receive their order due to an increase in shipment volume. The customer discovered the issue after one week of not receiving their shipment.  Upon investigating, it was determined that an essential internal email went into the Shipping Dept. manager’s junk box which contributed to why the shipping Dept did not detect the delay in a customer shipment. This company uses email as an internal method of communication. However, to ensure that critical internal emails do not go into junk, the company needs internal service provider tools to keep unsolicited emails in check. The current communication methods need to be addressed to promote an adequate flow of information in all departments, especially in the shipping department, so that a stronger working relationship could be established between the company and its customer and to prevent the loss of vital messages. 

 Detailed proposal

  • To create a safe workplace communication forum to provide an adequate flow of information in the shipping department.
  •   Internal communication must be a part of all crisis meetings to create a clear communication plan that enhances effective communication
  • The shipping department to provide regular updates for all shipments, also to offer and receive feedback
  • Emphasize the importance of internal communication so that employees can perform their job well
  • Daily monitoring of all shipments by the shipping department
  • Conducting regular inventory and product location checks
  • Using an end-to-end shipment tracking service to enable customers to track their order location

“Staff management can be challenging in itself, but a lot of it can be made easier by streamlining communication” (Hulme, 2022, para 22). Streamlining communication allows the sender and receiver to understand the information better. These changes will help enhance the interaction between staff and customers and instigate building an effective relationship. With these proposals, employees can share information quickly among themselves and their customers, thereby reducing the loss of pertinent messages that could cost the company money and opportunities (Fusion Connect, 2019). Streamlining communication can help curtail the loss of messages and promote immediate handling of issues in the workplace.

COM FXP 1250 Assessment 4 Written Communication: Communicating a Change

The digital tool I chose as an alternative to email communication is Slack. Slack is a messaging app for businesses that connects people to the information they need by bringing them together to work as one unified team (Slack, 2022). Slack encourages workflows between all team members, customers, and partners whenever they perform their duties. All contents in slack channels are searchable, so there is no need to forward a bunch of emails that could get lost or as junk. File sharing, call clips, and more are all built into slack, along with real-time messaging, enabling teams to work together (Slack, 2022). Slack would be effective in ABC INC when considered an alternative to email communication because it encourages collaboration between clients and customers by bringing internal and external teams across locations, time zones, and working styles instead of confining work to email siloed communication (Slack, 2022). With the slack communication tools, clients in ABC INC and their customers can communicate effectively, share timely information, and prevent the loss of pertinent messages that would cost the company money. Slack also improves business communication by organizing conversations into channels where clients and customers can collaborate to share ideas, make decisions, and move work together. Slack can secure workplace information and keep all your work communication in one place, including emails. The prose of this digital tool includes secure collaboration with outside organizations, timely information and actions are in one place with unlimited integration, and it provides face-face communication with group voice and video calls of up to 15 teammates (Slack, 2022). It’s easy to use and connects more easily with members increasing productivity and keeping teams connected. The cons of Slack are that it moves quickly, making it too hard to track what is going on, and communications can be lost when slack is misused. Also, slack can be confusing, overwhelming, and very expensive, depending on the users. 

COM FXP 1250 Assessment 4 Written Communication: Communicating a Change


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