ECON 1002 Week 1 Stock Portfolio

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This paper provides an overview of stock investing and its significance in attracting investment capital for companies. I have carefully selected five stocks for my portfolio and outlined my investment objectives for each stock.

ECON 1002 Week 1 Stock Portfolio Introduction

Stocks represent ownership shares in a company, enabling shareholders to hold a stake in the corporation. Shareholders can buy and sell shares among other investors, and a company’s stock performance plays a crucial role in attracting investments. Increased investment allows corporations, particularly startups, to raise additional capital and resources necessary for growth (Mitchell, 2018).

Guidelines for Stock Investment Decisions

  • Before making stock investment decisions, it is important to consider several factors that can contribute to wise choices aligned with investors’ financial goals. Based on guidelines shared by Panos Mourdoukoutas (2013) in Forbes, I have identified key principles to guide my stock investment decisions:
  • Develop a financial plan: To achieve specific financial goals, it is crucial to create a comprehensive plan that incorporates strategies and financial constraints.
  • Make informed buy and sell decisions: As stock purchases are investments, it is wise to spend funds judiciously. Understanding the financial health of a business can help assess the value of the investment.
  • Stay focused: Adhering to the established financial plan and adapting it in response to changes in economic conditions is essential for long-term success.

ECON 1002 Week 1 Stock Portfolio Major Stock Investment Objectives

  • When considering stock investments, there are three primary objectives that investors typically pursue:
  • Income: This objective focuses on stocks that consistently pay dividends, providing regular income to investors.
  • Speculation: Investors pursuing this objective aim to achieve quick profits by actively trading stocks in short-term intervals.
  • Capital Appreciation: This objective emphasizes long-term growth, with investors planning to hold stocks for an extended period to benefit from capital appreciation.
  • Summary of Five Stocks
  • Below is a summary of the five stocks I have selected for my portfolio, along with their current prices and corresponding investment objectives:
  • Apple – Stock Price: $152.29
  • Investment Objective: Capital Appreciation
  • CVS – Stock Price: $65.81
  • Investment Objective: Capital Appreciation
  • Texas Instruments – Stock Price: $98.59
  • Investment Objective: Income
  • McDonald’s – Stock Price: $182.37
  • Investment Objective: Income
  • Fitbit – Stock Price: $5.99
  • Investment Objective: Speculation


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