ENG 106 Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay

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Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay

Part of your responsibility as a pupil in this course is to give quality feedback to your peers that will help them to ameliorate their jotting chops. This worksheet will help you in furnishing that feedback. To punctuate the textbook and type over the information in the boxes on this worksheet, twice- click on the first word.

ENG 106 Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay


After reading through the draft one time, write a summary( 3- 5 rulings) of the paper that includes your assessment of how well the essay meets the assignment conditions as specified in the syllabus and the rubric. I suppose that the essay does a good job at meeting the assignment’s conditions. I suppose the author needs to go a little bit more into detail on some of her sense. The alphabet also needs to be fixed to make sure that the essay reads easily and is a lot more understandable. Other than that, I suppose the essay is veritably well written and organized and meets the assignment’s criteria. After a alternate, near reading of the draft, answer each of the following questions. Positive answers will give you specific rudiments of the draft to praise; negative answers will indicate areas in need of enhancement and modification. Please be sure to indicate at least three positive aspects of the draft and at least three areas for enhancement in reply to the questions at the bottom of this worksheet.

Offer Content and Ideas

How effectively does the thesis statement identify the main points that the pen would like to make in this offer? People started exploiting the trade, trade, and donation of mortal organs, which came at the cost of unethical medical practices and the lives of people.

How successfully does the paper focus on presenting a well- reasoned offer? Again, I am not sure what the author was proposing. If the author was proposing that medical staff should advise cases of the pitfalls of organ transplants and that it’s unethical to vend organs also the author did a good job at presenting a well- reasoned offer. How persuasively is substantiation used to justify ideas and enrich the essay? Important of the substantiation used was conclusive but I wish the author would go more into details as to why organ selling is unethical. I suppose she just mentioned that dealing organs was unethical but not so much as why. How effectively does the essay incorporate strategies that support proffers(e.g., categorical, resemblance, ethical claims, and beget and prompt claims)? The essay does a good job at incorporating strategies.

ENG 106 Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay


How effectively does the preface engage the anthology while furnishing an overview of the paper? The preamble gave great background word as well as intriguing data. In my opinion, the preamble was engaging and it caught my attention. Please identify the pen’s thesis and quote it in the box below. “People started exploiting the trade, trade, and donation of mortal organs, which came at the cost of unethical medical practices and the lives of people.”How effectively do the paragraphs develop the content judgment and advance the essay’s ideas? The content rulings are well developed but I suppose they can be a bit more specific to the overall communication of the paragraphs. Please see my commentary. How effectively does the conclusion give a strong, satisfying ending, not a bare summary of the essay? The conclusion wraps up the author’s main ideas but it sounded veritably hurried and underdeveloped.


 How nearly does the paper follow APA formatting style? Is it double- spaced in 12 pt. Times New Roman fountain? Does it have 1″ perimeters? Does it use heads( runner figures using applicable title function)? Does it have a proper title( with pupil’s name, date, course, and educator’s name)? Yes No Make sure your first runner where your name is located is in APA format. Are all information, citations, and espoused ideas cited in parenthetical APA format? Yes No From what I saw, you did well on this. Are all sources listed on the references runner in APA format? Yes No Flash back, not every letter in the name needs to be in caps. Is the needed minimum number of sources listed? Yes No good job. Language Use and Style Are the voice and tone of the essay effective in characterizing ideas and creating the applicable mood? If “ No, ” please give exemplifications of ineffective or unhappy voice and tone. Yes No Good job. How effectively does the paper incorporate a variety of judgment structures that strengthen the ideas, produce vitality, and avoid choppiness in the jotting? Yes No I saw a good variety.How would you assess the pen’s diction( i.e., word choice)? Does the pen use active verbs, concrete nouns, and precise words? Yes No Good job.

ENG 106 Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay

Alphabet and Mechanics

Does the pen use proper alphabet, punctuation, and spelling? If “No” please give exemplifications of crimes in need of correction. Yes No I left commentary on your essay on effects I saw. Is the writing clear and scrutable throughout the draft? If “No” please give exemplifications in need of enhancement. Yes No I understood the communication.

Three effects that I liked about your draft are

  1. I liked the association of your draft. I appreciated the sub-headlines and allowed it was veritably well allowed out.
  2. I liked how engaging the preface was. You did such a good job and caught my attention incontinently.
  3. I liked the new ideas you brought to the table that I no way allowed of ahead. For illustration, some croakers may be making plutocrat off organ donation making the process unethical.

ENG 106 Week 6 Peer Review Worksheet Offer Essay

Three effects that could be bettered are

  1. alphabet needs to be fixed. I reflected on areas I allowed demanded perfecting.
  2. I suppose the thesis needs to be reanalyzed and acclimated to insure you’re covering all the motifs mentioned in your essay aswell as the assignment’s advisement.
  3. Make sure your essay is in APA formatting. Titles need to be centered.