ENG 340 Week 5 Creative Writing Challenge

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In The End

Overnight, the sky opened up, and bodies suddenly covered the streets in ashes. As easily as breathing in air, the infection spreads. Dread and passing stamped houses on each road. Only those who could afford to buy life would be able to escape it; these individuals were known as the NWO (New World Request). Infected individuals were rounded up by military personnel stationed in each city and transported to controlled quarantined areas. The word quickly spread among those who left and never returned. Infected or not, the military was killing everyone. The uninfected took cover underground as a result of this, fearing that the NWO would kill them and their families.

My skills as a marksman in the military will help me survive by teaching me how to live. I hurriedly entered the sewer systems, exploring as many tunnels as I could. It required a long time to explore a sufficiently protected region where I would call my headquarters for the present. I would go out into the tunnels every day and draw maps of them. In my looking through, I went over a young man Myles around 17, supporting his seven-year-old younger sibling dreading I would kill him and her.

In the hope that I could help these kids survive, I brought them back to my base. Weeks passed and in each run of the passages it appeared to bring more individuals. Six people joined our group in a short time, up from three. Rylie, a young adolescent girl, her older brother Cash, and a woman whose name is Ambrosia. I decided to move the group to a safer location because they all relied on me to provide and protect them. It was a dangerous move, however, was our ideal choice for endurance. 

ENG 340 Week 5 Creative Writing Challenge

The world had become a darker and more dangerous place since it all began, and being out in the open was no longer an option. I had heard thunderings about a little settlement someplace in Connecticut, and my main goal, was to securely get our gathering there. I did a few pretty messed up things in the military, yet that wasn’t a thing contrasted with how I needed to get us to somewhere safe, the lines I needed to cross, the principles I needed to break. It’s kill or be killed us or them, and I am certain as damnation won’t be the one to pass on.

Despite the fact that the group was hungry and tired, I knew we would soon arrive at the Connecticut settlement. I was not going to let one of them go now that I had brought them this far.

I said, “Stop.”

Myles hurriedly positioned his sister on a flat tire in the middle of the street.

I began looking for a vehicle that we could use in the neighborhood as the group began to remove the water bottles. I saw our salvation as I went up the street. It was a black, dressed-up Hummer, and to my luck, it had full gas cans in the back. Now that we had to hot-wire this bad boy, we were ready to go.

As I examined the vehicle, I pulled down the visor to see, if perhaps by some coincidence, the proprietor would have left the key there. Fortunately, the proprietor left the key behind. After starting the engine, driving to where my party was, checking to see if the NWO was not following me, and returning to the group within an hour, I was successful.

“Everybody in the Hummer. Don’t bother strolling any longer!” I shouted.

ENG 340 Week 5 Creative Writing Challenge

It required about an hour prior to we arrived at a designated spot of the NWO. I donned the uniform I’d taken from the man I’d killed who was attempting to steal our group. Fortunately, the uniform was sufficient this time. We continued driving toward our final destination. I was grateful that there were no more checkpoints from this point on. Now, the Connecticut settlement could be seen. The Hummer ran out of gas as we got closer to the town. We were merely two miles away from our destination. We were so close together that we could almost taste the safety net that was right in front of us. We all started running toward the settlement, energized. We had made it. We had all made it. I hadn’t lost anyone. We were at long last protected.