ENGL 1010 Week 2 Writing with Confidence and Purpose

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Writing a Melody of My Own – Part 2

How Australia is taking a proactive approach to the mental health of children, which relates to Case Study 4: Mental Health. The main idea is that Australian schools have integrated mental health education into their curriculum and provided additional training to staff due to the need for earlier intervention in the mental welfare of their students. This decision was based on a study by the World Health Organization, which found that many adults with mental health issues had exhibited symptoms during childhood. Depression has become the leading illness among children ages 10 to 19, and suicide has become the third highest cause of death in this age group. Schools worldwide are utilizing the study’s information, and Australia has taken a proactive approach by conducting additional studies on mental health in children as young as four and integrating mental health education into their curriculum. This education covers topics such as self-esteem, body image, and coping skills and aims to prevent rather than treat issues. While mental health education in schools has pros such as better training for teachers, decreasing associated stigma, and early detection of symptoms, it also has cons such as the need for time and qualification for teachers to deal with mental health issues. Research has shown that mental illness is most treatable when caught early, so identifying and treating mental health issues during adolescence is crucial for children to become successful members of society. ENGL 1010 Week 2 Writing with Confidence and Purpose


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