ENGL 1010 Week 5 Career Narrative

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Enhancing Writing Skills with Purpose and Confidence

As a professional, I have committed to spending an hour every day developing my skills and advancing my career. I am dedicated to giving 100% of my time and effort to everything I do, not only to improve myself but also to pursue personal interests. When writing, it is crucial to consider the effect we want to have on the reader. I had to rethink my introduction paragraph to make it more accessible to readers, eliminate unnecessary words, and provide more details where necessary. In the body section, I found success in dividing my three different topics into separate parts. The challenge I faced was in creating a cohesive paragraph that tied in all of my information together. 

I achieved this by linking all three sections in an opening paragraph that highlighted my accomplishments, goals, and skills. To keep my writing clear and concise, I focused on easily testable skills that readers can observe in real-life situations. It’s important to maintain clear focus and articulate our thoughts for others to read. Reading aloud our work can help us engage better with the content and ensure a smooth flow of ideas. When using evidence, we should be specific and choose quotes that directly relate to the topic. Using strong examples and citing them accordingly enhances the evaluation of the essay. It’s essential to use a variety of sources and identify central ideas from each source that fit into the argument of the essay.

ENGL 1010 Week 5 Career Narrative

The conclusion is an opportunity to draw everything together and re-emphasize the main points discussed. As students, we should aim to deliver our best examples in the opening paragraph and the most vivid ones in the conclusion. By doing so, we can leave a lasting impression on our readers.