GEN 201 Week 3 Critical Thinking and Ethics

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Critical Thinking and Ethics

Critical thinking is the ability to process a problem or situation and come up with a comprehensive solution. Community norms of conduct are ethics. When someone intervenes and corrects your actions, ethics means doing the right thing rather than doing something bad or wrong.

The process of critical thinking has six stages. The first level of memory is when you can recall information about the material you are studying. The second level, Understanding, requires you to be able to articulate what you remember. You have reached the third level, applying, if you can achieve the desired outcome. The fourth level involves analyzing the data and breaking it down into smaller chunks. Level five is Assessing the data. The final level is Creating, and if you can invent or design something new using what you’ve learned, you’ve fully grasped the entire process. 

According to the Ethical Lens Inventory, my blind spot lens is that I think that every person’s motive always justifies their way of thinking and acting. I trust this one way too much and follow it. I stick to the rules and rarely break them. Sincerely, I believe that everyone else shared my thoughts. I thought this was normal and acceptable thinking. It is fascinating to learn that there are acceptable alternatives to my own method of processing information. The reason is my favorite Ethical Lens Inventory tool for learning and problem-solving. Before making any decisions, I always carefully consider an issue or circumstance. I’ll think of a few different options to make sure the one I’m about to make is the right one. I have been known to do this, from looking for jobs to making sure I’m doing my job as well as I can, to price shopping, comparing products, and so on. I must also understand the significance of everything in my life.

GEN 201 Week 3 Critical Thinking and Ethics

Every day, my decision-making is influenced by my ethics. I made the decision to abide by the law, paid my bills on time, and chose my friends very carefully. In my life, I always seek equilibrium and stability. I have always known who I am and what I wanted out of life for as long as I can remember.

The excursion that I have been on recently has been, for the most part, a daunting task to achieve my objectives. I still know what I want to accomplish with my life, despite it. I just have to wait a little longer than I had anticipated. I’m proud of how I act in the workplace. I take nothing from work, I never utilize the web for anything private, and I never settle on private decisions on organization telephones. It helps a lot to have an excellent support team.

People are who they are today in part because they are ethical and able to think critically. By practicing solid ethics and adhering to the critical thinking process, I can improve my character. I believe that I should treat others the way I want to be treated. Every aspect of your life is influenced by your values and principles. GEN 201 Week 3 Critical Thinking and Ethics.


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