HCS 446 Week 3 Enhancing Maternal Care

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When building my birthing center, I used the Icograms Designer floorplan maker website. Since that was the center of the facility, I started by building the two delivery rooms. I endeavored to cause the two rooms to look like each other to keep a sound judgment of consistency found inside medical care offices while additionally guaranteeing the rooms had a cozier vibe that looks like a home as opposed to a conventional clinic room as birthing focuses ordinarily endeavor to accomplish those agreeable and natural environmental factors (American Relationship of Birth Focuses, 2020). I also included a janitorial room, a workspace for nursing staff and assisting physicians, and a reception area with seating for people waiting. I also included pictures of people to represent people who might be working there or using the facility. Although creating rooms within the program’s limits was sometimes challenging, I am pleased with the end result. HCS 446 Week 3 Enhancing Maternal Care.


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