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Policy Process Proposal


According to The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (2018), the high cost of prescription drugs “remains a hot-button issue for consumers and policymakers.” The prices of medications are too high for many Americans, and many consumers cannot afford them. Current chief and administrative in Congress and state policymakers definitely stand out on potential moves toward addressing the unnecessary expenses of doctor-prescribed drugs.

Sadly, many Americans require some form of relief right now. This proposal will suggest some solutions and address some of the issues surrounding this problem. Problem According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (2018), many Americans struggle to pay for the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs. The cost of filling prescriptions rises proportionally to the number of medications a customer is prescribed. For a lot of people, having more prescriptions means more problems with not taking their medications; Some customers have decided not to take their medications because of the skyrocketing costs; Many Americans think that pharmaceutical companies have too much power over the executive and legislative branches of the federal government; Additionally, a growing number of Americans believe that pharmaceutical companies make too much money, which is why prescription drugs are so expensive. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (2018), some Americans also “cite other major contributors to drug prices, such as the costs of medical research, marketing and advertising, and lawsuits against drug companies.”


Several Americans have suggested ways to reduce the cost of drugs. Allowing the federal government to negotiate lower Medicare prices is one of these steps. Creating regulations that will make it more straightforward for conventional medications to come to the market; laying out guidelines requiring drug organizations to openly deliver data on how costs are set; restricting the price that pharmaceutical companies can charge for high-priced treatments for terminal illnesses; guidelines permitting Americans to purchase doctor prescribed drugs imported from Canada; establishing a separate organization to control the cost of prescription drugs; and drafting legislation that would make it possible for Americans to purchase prescription drugs from Canadian online pharmacies In the end, there ought to be additional regulations that restrict the cost of prescription drugs. HCS 455 Week 2 Policy Process Proposal.


Numerous Americans share in the quandary of the nonsensical costs of physician-recommended drugs. The federal legislative and executive branches ought to be aware of the numerous issues surrounding this dilemma. To summarize everything, there are a few stages that the public authority can take to resolve the many issues that Americans face in managing the cost of life-supporting prescriptions.


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