HMNT 1001 Week 5 Significant Object Analysis Worksheet

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Object Analysis Worksheet

A significant object, also known as an artifact, refers to something created by a human, whether it holds historical significance or is a personal creation with meaning. It can encompass various forms of art and self-expression. For this assignment, the task is to identify and analyze a significant object.

HMNT 1001 Week 5 Significant Object Analysis Worksheet Observation:

The significant object I have chosen is the original Autism Puzzle Piece created by Gerald Gasson in 1963. Gerald Gasson, a parent and board member of the National Autistic Society, designed the puzzle piece to symbolize the growth, learning curve, and uniqueness within Autism. The puzzle piece was chosen by the society because it stood out from other images used for charitable or commercial purposes. 

It was accompanied by an image of a weeping child, representing the suffering that autistic individuals experience. Over time, the puzzle piece became a universal symbol of autism awareness, reflecting the complexity and diversity of the condition. It signifies hope for increased awareness, early intervention, and support to enable individuals with autism to lead fulfilling lives.

HMNT 1001 Week 5 Significant Object Analysis Worksheet Sources:

“Autism – No Puzzle, Nothing Wrong With Us” – Altogether Autism

“Autism Awareness Ribbon” – Autism Society


The significance of this object to me stems from my experience as a teacher in an Autism special education classroom. Working closely with these children has provided me with a deep understanding of the challenges they face and their remarkable resilience. Through my interactions with them, I have gained adaptability, patience, and gratitude. 

HMNT 1001 Week 5 Significant Object Analysis Worksheet

This experience has transformed me and increased my acceptance of people with Autism. It has inspired me to pursue a degree in psychology to help individuals with Autism gain control over their lives and receive the support they need. My connection to this object extends beyond my professional journey; it has influenced my personal growth as a wife, mother, friend, and overall individual.


In comparison to my classmates’ choices of objects, which encompassed physical items, songs, and paintings, my significant object communicates my role as a caregiver and advocate for individuals with Autism. It reveals that I have a unique perspective on life due to my ability to empathize and understand different abilities. 

The object reflects my passion for special education and my dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those with Autism. It tells a story of personal growth, empathy, and the transformative power of working with individuals who have unique needs.


Technology has revolutionized the process of creating and sharing significant objects. Digital tools have replaced traditional artistic mediums, allowing for more efficient and accessible creation of art. 3D printing technology enables the quick production of sculptures and other objects with ease. Cameras and smartphones have made the sharing of visual representations instantaneous and widespread. 

HMNT 1001 Week 5 Significant Object Analysis Worksheet

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have replaced traditional journaling methods, providing a digital space for sharing personal experiences and perspectives. Technology has facilitated the democratization of art and self-expression, allowing individuals to create and share significant objects more easily and reach a broader audience with their narratives.