You are currently viewing HMNT 3001 Week 6 REFLECTION 2

During the past six weeks of this course, I have delved into various perspectives, issues, and opinions within modern popular culture. It has become apparent that in today’s society, everyone is somehow involved in popular culture. It surrounds us, easily accessible through our fingertips, and plays a fundamental role in our daily lives. Without even realizing it, I engage with popular culture on a daily basis, using mass media platforms such as social media, technology, television, and music.

Mass media wields significant influence in introducing popular culture worldwide. Personally, I must admit that I am somewhat addicted to Facebook and spend around two hours on it each day. Through this social media platform, I stay updated with daily news and events. This is just one example of how I participate in popular culture, contributing my own thoughts and engaging in discussions with the public and my friends. Social media has provided people around the world with a means to connect and communicate, reshaping the way we interact daily. It has facilitated media’s reach to diverse audiences and has influenced and shaped the opinions of individuals worldwide.


Throughout this course, I have come to realize the pervasive presence of popular culture in our lives. It has also highlighted how the targeted audience can impact popular culture. In my final project, I focused on racial and ethical issues in contemporary popular culture. This course has deepened my understanding of how I can contribute to social change and become an agent of change during these challenging times. Race and ethnicity have always played a significant role in both past and present popular culture, but I believe that they can become relics of the past. Through my study of this topic, I have become even more convinced that modern popular culture can be a catalyst for addressing and eradicating racial and ethical issues and stereotypes.

As an individual, I recognize the power of social media as a platform for driving change and putting an end to these issues. In the past few weeks, I have utilized my personal Facebook account to challenge and reshape people’s perspectives on racial and ethical matters. It is my personal mission not only to educate my children but also to actively contribute to a world free from the influence of racial and ethical issues. In conclusion, this course has made me realize the profound impact of popular culture on society’s values, thoughts, actions, and social interactions. Popular culture has the potential to effect significant change in our worldviews. Understanding how a popular culture artifact can reach and influence people across the globe has fundamentally shifted my perception of popular culture.