HUM 186 Week 1 Media Influence and Cultural Values

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Media Influence and Cultural Values

What are three items that are examples of distinct media formats?

The influence of mass media networks, in particular, on American culture will be captured by this focal point. Additionally, this incorporates a number of cultural products, including the 50 Cent music video, the AMC television series The Walking Dead, and the AMC television series Mad Men. By discussing the extent to which the media have continuously influenced American culture, this discussion will attempt to maintain a central viewpoint.

In what ways did your models shape, change, or build up your own social qualities?

Fashion has a significant impact on American culture, particularly through mass media channels. Because information is power and failure to strike a balance could mislead an entire audience, it is critical to safeguard the information that is injected into society.

For instance, since watching the Mad Men series, my taste in fashion has changed. According to Matthew (2007), there is always something intriguing about the style shifts that are conveyed within this television medium. This show has a way of obsessively reorganizing the fashion world, which makes you think about your favorite clothing designs. For instance, the cowl-necked sweaters and other clothing depicted in the show come in a variety of intriguing designs that entice the audience in some way. The traditional way people dress in the United States has changed as a result of these changes, with people now following the latest trends. In essence, the idea of sex equality and identity constructions is instilled by the fierce style competition among both genders in Mad Men.            

Feministic ideologies and other pulsating themes are brought together in The Walking Dead’s intriguing sequence of events. The characters’ lives are in jeopardy in this scene, so the women leave their cozy closets. For example, traditional cultures relegate women to doing housework, whereas men continue to be shaped for better things. Additionally, a woman has remained a member of the most vulnerable groups that cannot function without a male partner. However, Kirkman gives us a female character who, in order to preserve her life, must overcome innumerable obstacles (Kirkman, 2010). Encouraging diversity in role distribution has a greater impact on society’s preconceived gender constructions.

HUM 186 Week 1 Media Influence and Cultural Values

Strong feelings have been expressed regarding the rate at which mass media is influencing American culture as a result of the sexualized content in music. According to Denaun (2003), P.I.M.P. is a clear indication of the genre of music that the industry is feeding the next generation regardless of the outcomes. This belittles the incentive for ladies, which makes sense of the heightened situations of viciousness and lewd behavior. Despite the fact that such influences will continue to widen the gap, the struggle to end women’s subjugation has remained an issue on which everyone should work together. Because it fosters an atmosphere that encourages gender disparities, this does not convey a positive message, especially given the excessively snide language used.

What do you believe they do to shape, alter, or bolster the cultural values of our society as a whole?

Every facet of American culture has been taken over by the media, highlighting the societal stakes. The art of fashion has encouraged other creative designs as these technological endeavors are not constrained. Fashion entices young people to positively spend their money rather than engage in other self-destructive behaviors. For example, style shows have united individuals through the assistance of series, for example, Crazy People, which rouses the specialty of design (Matthew, 2007). Along these lines, customary societies can coordinate the modernized approach to moving toward dressing among different elements that decide to live. The melodic items, for example, P.I.M.P, have deceived the youthful age on characterizing outcomes specifically since they crusade for bowed virtues (Denaun, 2003). This is a significant setback for American culture because gender stereotypes frequently ignore the negative effects of a flawed society.

The influence of beauty has also influenced perceptions of an ideal body image in the media. Prejudiced portrayals of men and women persist, creating alternative ways of defining a stylish person. For instance, worries about a flimsy-bodied lady as a solid and ideal have impacted the manner in which the general public perspectives a lady. On the other hand, men ought to exhibit particular masculine characteristics that have sparked the idea of working out and participating in other fitness activities. I’m a survivor of unfortunate nourishment for the sake of keeping an ideal body shape which has, as of now, impacted the majority of the youthful age across America.

What exactly is media literacy, and what is its significance?

According to Baran (2010), media literacy is the capacity to distinguish information from various forms of media. In addition, this level of media awareness enables a person to examine the information from their mental archive. By separating relevant information from irrelevant information, society eliminates propaganda or asymmetric information.

HUM 186 Week 1 Media Influence and Cultural Values

According to Baran (2010), media literacy is, therefore, a necessary component in keeping the community free of biased information. With the numerous wellsprings of data, it becomes hard to recognize the certifiable sources hence raising the critical requirement for media education. Modernization has influenced American society, which will continue to influence the tastes and preferences of future generations. However, it is undeniable that moderation and rational thought are essential for enhancing media literacy at the individual and societal levels.

In summation, the expanding hole in mechanical utilization inside the current age sections depicts the developments of broad communications at local area levels. Nevertheless, the media, which can be found in a variety of cultural products, has evolved into a part of everyday life and now directs the majority of individual activities.


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