HUM 186 Week 2 Print Media Evolution

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Through my research on People Magazine, I discovered that the first issue was sold out at newsstands on March 4, 1974. It brought attention to a picture of actress Mia Farrow holding pearls in her teeth. Richard Durrell, who began his career in publishing by working for TIME and LIFE magazines before becoming publisher of People, was the founding publisher of the magazine, which turns 48 this year. At the time, the publication only cost 35 cents. Individuals Magazine was distributed in 1974 by Richard B.”Dick” Stolley through the Dotdash Meredith Organization in the US.

People magazine, published by Time, Inc. Corporation, was inspired by the magazine’s original goal of attracting readers and focusing on people rather than global issues, or “soft news.” Stolley emphasized that this magazine was personality journalism, that it covered stories from all walks of life and featured well-known and unknown individuals from around the world. “Extraordinary people doing ordinary things, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” read the motto of People magazine. Additionally, the formula worked back then and still does. “(Desantis, 2021). The magazine has grown a lot over the years and is now one of the biggest buyers of celebrity photos in the business. It also has a website called, which was launched in April 2007 and features human interest stories and all of the pictures that go with them. 

HUM 186 Week 2 Print Media Evolution

In order to satisfy the generations struggling to keep up with the demands of our ever-changing society, it has even expanded into a Teen People magazine. Individuals include the yearly “Hottest Man Alive,” which has been a benchmark for themselves and just incorporates well-known guys, some of which concur with others that may be problematic, basically according to my point of view. John F. Kennedy Jr., Sean Connery, and Patrick Swayze were among the winners who had passed away by 2021. Kennedy Jr., what’s more, David Beckham are the just non-performers to have won the honor, as indicated by Wikiwand (2022).

Entertainment magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and TV Guide currently control the majority of the magazine industry. It’s so fascinating to perceive how circumstances are different, and our television guides are advanced with our link memberships. As well as giving diversion news to perusers, these distributions are likewise helpful to superstars and media makers as a stage to showcase their new items.

My prediction for People Magazine is that it will continue to thrive both on its digital media path and as a printed media magazine. They continue to innovate in order to pique people’s interest in lifestyle stories and cater to different generations by expanding their platforms as necessary to meet the needs of the public and using the same platform to deliver corporate advertisements to consumers via these platforms. HUM 186 Week 2 Print Media Evolution.


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