HUM 186 Week 3 Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media

What impact has entertainment media had on American values and culture?

The values and culture of America have been shaped by numerous significant forms of entertainment media. I will supply four distinct media diversion models that meaningfully affect American qualities and culture. Movies, music videos, video games, and other basic models have had the greatest impact on American culture.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, movies have been an important part of American culture. The fact that film requires much less participation from its viewers is, in my opinion, the most profound. Even though they are not required to interact with the actors, moviegoers are still required to pay attention, suspend belief, and follow the story. Kriswrite, G., 2004). Around this day and age, the most well-known sort of diversion that individuals watched were motion pictures that were prevalently played in cinemas. Until television was invented in the 1950s, movie theaters remained the preferred venue. While film production costs increased, television gained popularity due to its affordability. Instead of making low-budget films, movie studios started making big thrillers.

TV was concocted around the 1920s, and it began to prosper in the 1950s. In the late 20th century, when TV was at its generally well known, it very well may be found in three out of four American homes from one side of the country to the other. With a single button press, a large number of channels and a vast array of programming became accessible to the public. Commercial television had a profound and broad impact on American society and culture from the 1940s to the 2000s. Gale, T., 2007) It also played a crucial role in the political process, particularly when it came to the construction of election campaigns, and it also manipulated how people felt about certain social issues like class, race, and gender. Over the course of time, it has been suggested that television shows and commercials are to blame for too much of America’s growing materialism.

HUM 186 Week 3 Influence of Entertainment Media

As of late, digital TV alongside film players in the home and the capacity to download recordings directly from the Web significantly affects cinemas and have essentially destroyed video rental stores totally. “A new report from consumer data company Experian Marketing Services suggests that online video content services such as Netflix are pulling people away from cable television,” Taube, A. (2014) states. According to research, households with subscriptions to services like Hulu and Netflix are less likely to have cable. Video games first started to gain popularity among Americans in the early 1970s. MTV saw a significant rise in popularity within the music industry during the decade of the music video.

Media and entertainment culture has a significant impact on American values and culture. The way we enjoy both in-home and out-of-home recreation and entertainment has been enhanced and altered by entertainment technology. People no longer have to go to physical stores to buy their favorite music, video games, and movies, thanks to technology. Do two other ways have social connectivity technology altered location-based entertainment experiences? Guests can engage in video and game-based electronic entertainment as well as social media-based entertainment with smartphones. White, R. (2013). 

Are entertainment media’s social effects mostly positive or negative? Explain.

When it comes to the social effects of entertainment media, there are some benefits and drawbacks. It would appear that determining the positive and negative aspects is a matter of opinion. I can think of a number of examples, including the advantages and disadvantages of music videos. A couple of individuals could accept that the advantages of music recordings are that they advance music craftsmen and their melodies, while others could believe that they are diverting with an excessive number of unseemly pictures, discourse, and viciousness.

HUM 186 Week 3 Influence of Entertainment Media

We are fortunate to be able to access a wide range of entertainment media thanks to modern technologies. It has the potential to improve our communication, learning, and global influence. Pick astutely while utilizing media since anything that you read, pay attention to, or take a gander at meaningfully affects you. 

Select just media that elevates you.” ( Peterson, B., 2017) In conclusion, each individual bears responsibility for how they accept and view entertainment media today. Nonetheless, individuals who are conveying diversion media out to general society likewise have the gigantic obligation to investigate what they do ethically and give a valiant effort to pursue the ideal decision, anything that choice could be to them. Writers and producers have complete creative leeway, and it is entirely up to the audience to decide whether or not they want to listen to and absorb the content. The bottom line is that while the media can influence people’s behavior in a positive or negative way, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide.


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