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NHS FPX 5004 Assessment1 Attempt 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration SV

Evening Ms. Lynette. I am appreciative of the chance to oversee this project. I want to take this project seriously since it will impact my professional status as a clinic leader. Additionally, as a community member, I am as motivated by the clinic’s progress as the director is.

Leadership qualities

Cross-cultural communication experience is one of the identified characteristics of recognized professionals that enables them to communicate successfully with staff, functional areas, the whole organization, and external stakeholders (Persaud, 2020). Leaders must acknowledge diverse information traditions (Rao, 2018). This leadership attribute is based on situational leadership, which says that outstanding leaders adapt to an individual’s or group’s preparedness, willingness, and capacity to accomplish a specific activity. Specific leadership duties include delegation, training, and mentoring (Thomas et al., 2019).

Leadership skill 

When considering the many leadership styles appropriate for this project, I like to envision a collaborative one. It is a method of working with a group to elicit input on how an issue is seen in a particular setting. A crisis may be addressed as a collaborative effort in this manner. This clinic is a collaborative endeavor, with each team member fulfilling a unique function. The clinic’s success is contingent upon the cooperation of the whole group, not just one individual. This is why authoritative leadership that is more assertive will be ineffective.

Additionally, this approach seems to be more forceful and accusing. By allowing democratic leadership, the leader is relieved of responsibility while giving no advice. This endeavor, in my opinion, requires revolutionary leadership. This involves encouraging workers to communicate with one another to push one another to succeed in their personal lives and present jobs.

If Lakeland Medical Clinic is to reach its full potential, a good healthcare leader must possess various abilities. Effective communication, intelligent decision-making, and an open mind are requirements for this position. This person must be able to inspire and encourage others to join the diversity initiative, which will benefit the company as a whole. Lindsey Casey, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Children’s Medical Center of New Orleans, is the person I would choose to lead this position at Lakeland Medical Center. The facility struggled with low morale, job values, and employee retention prior to her appointment as Chief Nursing Officer and device head of the critical care unit (ICU). She instilled confidence in her staff that they had not felt in several years in just six months, despite having over 15 years of healthcare leadership experience. She is constantly interacting with her team to understand their frustrations and offer solutions that benefit both the team and the system as a whole. Staff retention has increased, and parental satisfaction has increased since her arrival on the unit. 

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment1 Attempt 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration SV

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Mrs. Lindsey is an excellent example of a leader who can help Lakeland Medical Facility reduce barriers to variety while also improving outcomes for staff members and the community. She recognized where the ICU was prior to her arrival and where it needed to be to achieve the system’s goals as a visionary leader. She determined the source of the spirits’ absence and made necessary adjustments by meeting one-on-one with each staff member. Mrs. Lindsey’s management style and mine have some similarities and differences. Her approachability, team-first mindset, optimism, and personal candor are all qualities I admire in leaders.

Role as project leader

Though many of Mrs. Lindsey’s leadership qualities could improve group effectiveness at Lakeland Medical Clinic, I am not convinced that I would entrust project work to improve general operations to her. Mrs. Lindsey’s decision to handle projects independently may jeopardize the organization’s growth when a complex and sensitive issue like diversity is at stake. Bringing together a few staff members and community members to serve on a committee would allow for various suggestions while also promoting collaboration. As a leader, I believe that with a strong vision shared by employees and neighbors alike, the organization can realize its full potential while also addressing the issue of diversity.

A high priority on this list is assembling a team to improve communication and do a study on society and its uniqueness. I would choose a panel of physicians, pharmacists, and medical professionals to assess suggestions for improving community and medical clinic contact. Arrange and conduct a panel discussion on diversity. We are inviting each team member to create fresh ideas to increase our awareness of our Haitian neighbors and other ethnic minorities in the region. The Haitian language, cuisine, culture, and religion would all be contentious subjects. At Lakeland Medical Clinic, we endeavor to provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for the continuously growing Haitian community who work in our facilities.

Strategy for efficiently facilitating teamwork.

Teamwork and leadership 

In one week, the healthcare team will be assigned a study subject to collect data on and present in a panel session. Every team member will be accountable for gathering data and sharing it with the remainder of the group. They will recall that the objective is to improve our Haitian people’s relations and trust. We reconvene after a week to discuss our findings and conclusions.

NHS FPX 5004 Assessment1 Attempt 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration SV

Our fresh viewpoint on Haitian society will assist Lakeland Medical Clinic in better adjusting to their way of life and culture. I suggest hiring multilingual medical workers to help overcome the language divide. This will significantly simplify the process of scheduling appointments and receiving treatment with us. Incorporating a few Spanish or Caribbean items into our canteen menus will give our Haitian visitors and guests much-needed respite. Creating a prayer place for Roman Catholics would provide a healing atmosphere for the body, mind, and soul.

Leadership position 

The healthcare team will be assigned a study subject to collect data on and discuss in a panel session for one week. Each team member will be liable for data collection and dissemination to the rest of the team. They will recollect that the goal is to strengthen ties with and trust among our Haitian brothers and sisters. After a week, we regroup to discuss our results and conclusions. Numerous Haitians like spicy foods with a Spanish flair. Additionally, about 80% of Haitian culture is influenced by Roman Catholicism (Wiseman, 2017).

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Our expanded understanding of Haitian society will assist Lakeland Medical Clinic in adjusting to the country’s way of life and culture. I propose that we recruit bilingual health workers to assist us in bridging the linguistic difference. This will ease making appointments and obtaining treatment with us extensively. We can offer our Haitian guests and visitors a needed break by incorporating a few Spanish and Caribbean delicacies into our cafeteria selections. Establishing a place of prayer for Roman Catholics would provide a healing environment for the body, mind, and soul.

This system is not perfect, so having a Haitian leader like Mrs. Lozama RN provides Lakeland with the missing link essential to addressing diversity issues. As we establish this team, we will understand the various demographic needs. We would ensure that everyone plays a role in their achievement. We have identified the problem and indicated what everyone should anticipate. Our specialty is bringing unique findings and ideas about the Haitian culture to the table. The more we comprehend, the more at ease this demographic will feel when they come to Lakeland Medical. We are susceptible if a team member does not follow through on their scheduled involvement in the session. We will be missing vital information, in this case, to aid in the clinic’s and society’s diversification efforts. According to the Hospice Medical Facility scenario, the clinic lacked competent leadership and management. Due to the administration’s failure to foster a trusting atmosphere, residents lack recognition and are hesitant to seek treatment at the clinic. Diversification is a critical problem at the clinic that must be addressed quickly to include residents’ social ideas, norms, and cultural values in clinic activities and services. The Healthcare Professional is a visionary leader capable of effectively leading this project and achieving the project’s objectives (Lai et al., 2018).

Lakeland Medical Center will be recognized in the future for its significant community involvement and pleasant hospitality. Collaboration with the team will assist us in achieving our future goals.


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NHS FPX 5004 Assessment1 Attempt 2 Leadership and Group Collaboration SV


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