NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 3 Project Charter Part 3

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Project Charter

Ariel Casillas Jr

Part 3
Planned Intervention Plan – This phase involves bringing together the team members and briefing them on the activities (SWOT analysis, 2018). In addition to training every member on the relevant education and vaccination activities, the team leader will determine the appropriate education and vaccination activities. There will be a DNP student who will act as the point person in the phase, which will last a week. As part of the implementation phase, nurses will provide patient education and vaccinations upon consent. The care process for this program is included in this phase. This phase will last for six weeks under the supervision of the nurse manager. A review of the vaccination process will be conducted during this phase, including a review of the number of older adults vaccinated. An annual report will be prepared by the quality manager on vaccination status and nurse adherence. A week will pass before the evaluation is completed. Throughout the 8-week period, pneumonia-related hospitalization and mortality rates will be monitored in order to evaluate the project. A PDCA cycle concludes with an improvement phase, which will be implemented after 6 weeks. To make the project more productive next year, we will use the report produced in the previous stage along with available evidence. Improvement efforts will be overseen by the quality manager.
Measurement: Proposed Outcomes
Develop outcome, process, and counter/balancing measures for your project.
  Outcome Measure  Process MeasureState 1–2 process measures that address: Counter/Balancing Measure As you are not implementing the project, develop counter/balancing measures that might be anticipated if the planned intervention is implemented..
  Staff involvement in the implementation of PCV 13 VaccineProjection rate of 85% of nurses to be involved in process and administration of vaccine Nurses will be prepared and educated on vaccine. Checklist to be completed with all the required steps Nurse in charge to make sure checklist are up to date and completed correctly
  Nursing administration involvement in vaccine process. Nurses administration to have a rate of 100% participation and knowledge Administration will be available to administer and educated and train on vaccine to staff and patients Nursing management to make sure checklist are documented correctly and staff educated
  Compliance with the checklist. Nursing staff to utilize the checklist 100%. Nursing to work with patients and administration on completion  N/A
Data Collection & Management
Use the table below to develop a plan for the collection, management, and stewardship of the data you will collect for your Project Charter. Use at least one source/citation to support your data collection plan.
Data Collection Data Collector Collection Timeline Data Storage/Protection Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion    
Patient demographics Nurses Upon patient interaction first visit EMR, Protected by the software and spyware of EMR system that is built in. Each user will have a secured passcode Data will be interpreted by answers on checklist. Concern will be if patient does not answer the questions correctly.  
Past Medical History Nurses Upon patient interaction first visit EMR, Protected by the software and spyware of EMR system that is built in. Each user will have a secured passcode Data will be interpreted by answers on checklist. Concern will be if patient does not answer the questions correctly.  
Ethical Leadership
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) guidelines guide the ethical considerations of this project. Information about patients is protected in this way. In this project, all medical records will be kept confidential and will only be accessed by members of the project team. Before using and collecting any data, the consent of the patient will be obtained by way of a legal release form. Whenever data is transferred or shared, the project manager must approve the transfer or sharing before transferring or sharing, (Institutional Review Board, 2021). Providing the opportunity for participants to participate in large-scale research and improving general knowledge (Institutional Review Board, 2021). The information collected will not show any patient identifiers so there is no concerns over any violations on HIPPA. The data collection tool will need to address the reason for missing data if it occurs. The leader of the nursing team will ensure to safe proof the information to prevent breach of information using an external drive. The vaccine Checklist was created to collect the information as a tool and the nurses will complete.
SWOT Analysis
1. Nursing management support and resources are available for this project. 2. This quality improvement project has no cost as it will continue with regular cost and no additional ones. 3. Patient safety and performance is the goal that the whole team shares (Holler, W. (2021).).
1. Communication in the team has been identified as one of the major weaknesses of the project. 2. Heavier workload and assignments of nurses can affect the project and quality (Holler, W. (2021).). 3. managing the rate of pneumonia after the vaccine since some are lost or not identified in the process. 
1. Nurses fully trained on vaccine and administration in the older adults.2. Utilizing the EMR system to screen and document Vaccine status 
1. Invalid responses from patients.. 2. Shortage of PCV13 vaccines in the pharmacy and or the hospital. 3. Not enough nurses educated on vaccne and education.

NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 3 Project Charter Part 3


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