NSG 468 Assignment 5 Quality Factors Technology

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Quality Factors: Technology

Healthcare technology has come a long way. We now have electronic medical records that can be shared between providers, help speed up a patient’s care, and help reduce data loss. The data that is noted in the patient’s diagram can prompt more secure consideration by permitting medical care suppliers to see the patient’s set of experiences, whether it is with respect to sensitivities or past confusions connected with systems, and so on. 

This can help with accelerating care and diminishing mix-ups, accordingly expanding patient security and the nature of patient consideration. Notwithstanding EMRs, telemedicine/telehealth has become crucial, particularly in the present Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us have been able to see our doctors and other healthcare providers via telemedicine without being concerned about contracting an infection. 

NSG 468 Assignment 5 Quality Factors Technology

It is also pretty convenient when you don’t want to drive across town or take time off from work. People who live in rural areas and may not be able to travel to larger cities for healthcare now have better access to care thanks to telehealth. 

This accessibility works on the lives and well-being of the patients, consequently giving quality consideration. Medical technology can also play a role in reducing medical errors.


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