NSG 482 Week 2 Nursing Theory Part 2

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Nursing And Non-Nursing Proposition Applicable to Family

Nursing proposition

The nursing proposition I chose that’s applicable to the family I’m assessing is Orem’s tone- Care deficiency proposition of Nursing. Orem stated that her proposition is a compound of affiliated constructs, according to( Nies & McEwen, 2019) these constructs are “ the proposition of tone- care poverties which provides criteria for relating those who need nursing, the proposition of tone- care which explains tone- care and why it’s important, and the proposition of nursing systems which specifies nursing part in the delivery of care and how nursing helps people ”. 

This proposition is grounded on the study that tone- care is the center of nursing care. This is extreme but through my assessment of the family the father Sonny has not been taking care of himself because he has fallen into an old habit. He has not been seeing his musketeers who he has known for a veritably long time and offer a lot of emotional support for Sonny due to COVID. 

NSG 482 Week 2 Nursing Theory Part 2

He’s taking care of the kiddies, helping with schoolwork and assignments given due to academy being out, also the places have been reversed due to Belinda the woman furnishing the income and working and Sonny staying home cooking, drawing, and taking care of kiddies and their academy liabilities. When the father is suitable to have time with his musketeers and for himself taking care of his requirements and he feels he has purpose he doesn’t drink, and doesn’t feel depressed. The weakness to this proposition is your working on your own requirements and not the requirements of others. 

Non-Nursing proposition 

The non-nursing proposition I chose is tone- fruition. tone- fruition is a part of Maslow’s scale of requirements proposition. According to (Mcleod, 2020) “refers to the consummation of a person’s eventuality, tone- fulfillment, seeking particular growth and peak gests. Maslow (1943) describes this position as the desire to negotiate everything that one can, to come the utmost that one can be ”. 

NSG 482 Week 2 Nursing Theory Part 2

I chose this through my assessment I felt like this was the most applicable proposition for the father Sonny. The father realizes and is apprehensive that he doesn’t want to let an old genie out of the bottle, he’s apprehensive of his history with battling alcohol, and knows that he doesn’t want to go back down that road. Through remedial discussion the father and I’ve bandied managing chops for stress similar as taking a walk alone harkening to his own music, spending roughly alone time with his woman, explaining to his children because of COVID his fears so that they understand and can empathize with him, and trying to face time his long time musketeers. 

Weakness to this proposition is again the tone not others. According to (Mcleod, 2020) “individualities may perceive or concentrate on this need veritably specifically. For illustration, one existent may have a strong desire to come an ideal parent. In another, the desire may be expressed economically, academically or athletically. For others, it may be expressed creatively, in oils, filmland, or inventions”.


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