NURS 5301 Unit 1 Journal

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Unit Journal

Business research presents is fairly complicated due to the dependence of all quick decisions on it. As exemplified in various case scenarios considered in the research paradigm, the purchases to be performed are expensive and the results should deliver profit. No margin of error is left in any case and business research guides enough in this domain to have enough background knowledge to function. Although the basic principles of decisions and purchases were already known I am learning the strategic development which goes on in making those decisions. In my experience with situations requiring business situations the way predictor variables function and make way for outcome variables, in the presence of multiple models, the decision becomes fairly difficult. My education has taught me about the way inferential statistics is performed and the accurate ways to perform identification so it works. In one such experience, I had as an internee in which I had to contribute to the discussion, the way I learned hypothesis testing assisted me in providing a perspective that turned out to be successful for the project at hand. I reviewed that the significance level of Model B was more accurate than the potential outcome associated with Model D. My choice was considered unconventional but while performing, my prediction was accurate. This gave me the confidence to practice hypothesis testing more and experiment with my understanding more.

Literature Review

This research included a literature review for Sun Coast Project Guidance and determine issues in the businesses. Sun Coast recruited a person to do the investigation and calculates the changeover in security and health roles. This evaluation of the research focuses on six goals and how they relate to Sun Coast’s safety and health objectives. The only goals of this study were particulates, the efficiency of safety procedures, susceptibility to loudness, newly hired employees coaching, susceptibility to lead, and return on investments.

In their initial investigation, Mathew Loxam and Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen examined the connection between particulates and awareness of health. This research is determined to explore the impact of particulate matter on human health by reviewing 27 studies that determined the topic. This research performed the study by including the research papers to offer a conclusive outcome on the matter. The explored potential function on it is determined the density and severity of PM in various areas. This study is related to Sun Coast Project as it delivers helpful material and tracks the severity of the problem in various locations to help determine outcomes that could be incorporated further (Loxham & Nieuwenhuijsen, 2019).

NURS 5301 Unit 1 Journal

The second study was performed by Zacceheaus & Oluwatobi, regarding safety training effectiveness and its reflected outcome on employee performance and overall work environment. Two hypotheses were formulated in this sense which was evaluated through Pearson Correlation and Linear Regression Analysis. These hypotheses are also reflected in human capital development. These concepts are determined to impact employee performance positively. Various methods were implied. This training is considered successful in the context of extant interventions. As this research indicated an increase in efficacy and results in trained staff, it could effectively be helpful for Sun Coast Project (Zacceheaus & Oluwatobi, 2020)

This study was performed by Gopinath, Catherine McMahon, Diana Tang, George Burlutsky, and Paul Mitchell on the topic of workplace noise prevalence resulting in dire effects on workers. This study included 1923 participants with ages ranging from 50 and above who were exposed to audio-logical and occupational noise exposure. This research determined the potential of increased hearing loss in individuals above 50 with more than 10-year exposure. The results were collected using the Blue Mountains Hearing Study (BHMS). This study is helpful for Sun Coast Project considering the workplace interventions which may affect productivity and physiological concerns in workers. It issues statements to safe-keep worker health to enhance productivity (Gopinath et al., 2021).

The paper by Nielsen et al., (2022) determined the importance of safety training effectiveness. This paper determines the need for educational training for workers to promote a safe work environment increase employee trust and determine better outcomes. This research employed mix-method to determine results. It utilized various factors influencing the outcomes of aware and educated employees in the work environment. Since Sun Coast Project also requires work completion, an association of work ethics, and dedicated employees, training and development should be employed for the employees (Nielsen et al., 2022).

NURS 5301 Unit 1 Journal

This paper by Marzie Boskabaday explored the environment filled with lead and its exposure to human health. It also identified respiratory, neurological, digestive, cardiovascular, and digestive effects of lead poisoning on individuals. It also explored the underlying mechanisms which caused these problems and their effects in long term. The result obtained from this research did affirm drastic effects and identified how necessary it is to stay safe from lead. As lead exposure is necessary for Sun Coast Project, the realization of its harmful effect is necessary. This would prompt the security team in the project to employ techniques that are helpful to safe keep the workers efficiently (Boskabaday et al., 2018).

Thusini et al., (2022) explore the introduction of the notion of asset return for extensive quality enhancement projects. Since ROI is an effective outcome associated with Quality Improvement (QI). This research aimed to establish ROI as an important concept in business and included 428 articles to review in this domain. 68 papers determined the importance of ROI as an outcome. In it, various analyses including Cost Consequence Analysis (CCA), Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA), and Cost Benefit Analysis are performed. This research is important considering the immediate and reliable outcome Sun Coast Project would be looking up to is effective cost-benefit and financial outcomes (Thusini et al., 2022).


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NURS 5301 Unit 1 Journal

Saengchai, S., Siriattakul, P., & Jermsittiparsert, (2019). The mediating role of employee engagement between team and co-worker relation, work environment, training and development, and employee performance. International Journal  of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, 23(4), 853–864.

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