NURS FPX 4030 Assessment 1 Locating Credible Databases and Research

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Locating Credible Databases and Research 

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment 1 Locating Credible Databases and Research

Nurses are an important part of the healthcare system all around the globe. The work the nurses do is not easy and it is pretty fast paced. Evidence-based Practice (EBP) promotes collecting and interpreting the data available of valid evidence that helps in making a valid clinical decision (Lehane et al., 2021).

Being a baccalaureate-prepared nurse means that I have a huge responsibility. I have to provide better patient care and also take part in management processes. I have to involve Evidence-based practice (EBP) to analyze and research any issue that I come across in my practice (Li et al., 2018). I am supervising three new nurses and I have given them a few assignments to help them increase their knowledge. A nurse came to me as she came across a case related to physiotherapy, named “Palsy” (De Meester et al., 2020). It is a disorder that affects the posture of an individual and also their ability to move (Hekne et al., 2021). She does not seem to know much about it and requires help with her task. EBP says physiotherapy that it is the best strategy that clinicians might use in coping with any form of chaos and uncertainties in the clinical world (Cobo‐Sevilla et al., 2019). The evidence provided for a solution has to meet the ethical aspects of providing care to patients that are best for them. 

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Communication strategies to encourage nurses to research a diagnosis

Communication is the key to success in any organization. Communication between nurses and doctors in a healthcare facility is important to ensure that patients are not mistreated. If communication is not up to par it can lead to poor health of patients and waste of resources. To communicate better with other nurses so they can reach a proper diagnosis is to ensure that one’s oral communication is strong. They are able to make others understand their point and are on the same page. The nurse can listen actively to what her subordinates have to say so there is no chance of miscommunication. Nurses should speak clearly and use conscience words that delay correct meaning to others.

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Use a proper venue for communication as it can play a huge role in boosting the confidence of the new nurses. Being honest and open can also help in communicating better with the nurses. They will confide in you and can ask questions easily without any hesitation. This will help them in the future and prevent them from making any mistakes and getting ashamed in front of their seniors when they highlight their mistakes. Online training and asking them to watch certain videos can help them in the learning practice. Having applications like Medscape and WebMD downloaded on nurses’ phones can surely benefit them when they need to understand something or ask something from their seniors.  Nurses can use an application like the Practice Nurse Postcard tool and COMFORT to interact with other nurses. To collaborate with nurses in order to access information resources the nurses should establish team goals, respect each other, and be open to communicating anytime to resolve any questions. The main nurse should schedule weekly meetings so that everyone has a chance to ask about resources that might help them in making diagnosis. 

NURS FPX 4030 Assessment 1 Locating Credible Databases and Research

The Best Places to Complete the Research

If any nurse wants to find information about any topic it has been advised for them to visit their university library, or check hospital policy manuals, or guidelines. Furthermore, there are a lot of journals that a nurse can consult to get information about their desired topic or query. A journal named “Journal of Physiology” has an impact factor of 5.182. It is a W-rated journal. This means that this journal is quite famous in the world of physiotherapy. As the new nurse encountered a query related to this topic, she can easily consult this journal for knowing more about the problem of the patient and make a proper clinical diagnosis. The nurses can also get information from blogs, journals, articles, and newspapers but the question is how can nurses skim and scan from hundreds of journals to know which is the best one. There is a site called “HJRS (HEC recognized Recognition System” it helps in identifying the authentic journals that one can learn from without any worry. The other method is to use the CRAAP test. CRAAP represents five major parts for evaluating a source (1) Currency, (2) Authority, (3) Accuracy, (4) Relevancy, (5) Purpose. It helps in determining credible sources. It makes the life of educators and students easier in evaluating the sources that can provide unreliable sources.

Sources of Information to Locate Evidence

    By using the CRAAP method the sources I have found credible for finding information about cases related to physiotherapy are:

  1. Sports Medicine
  2. Journal of Applied Physiology
  3. Journal of Physiotherapy
  4. Google Scholar
  5. Web of science

All the sources mentioned in this section are reliable. The quality of the information they have, the research papers, review papers are absolutely amazing.  They pass the CRAAP test criteria. These journals and websites are recognized by the world and are appreciated as they are a free source of learning for every individual especially the ones related to healthcare institutes. All these sites and journals have papers on Cerebral Palsy.

Reasons for Selecting these Resources

All the sources mentioned here are trustworthy. PubMed is a platform where a nurse can find information about any topic. It has books, pdfs, journals, and articles (review and research-based). It also has papers on the metanalysis of a certain topic. Web of Science ( is similar. It has a lot of research papers related to physiotherapy and physiology. It has papers on a few rare cases of physiotherapy as well. Journal of Applied Physiology ( ) is a monthly peer-reviewed journal. It has papers that are pretty advanced and it published papers of the highest quality that have a huge impact on our society. It has an impact factor of 3.532.  Sports medicine ( ) is an amazing journal. It has an impact factor of 11.136. It acts as a bridge between injury and prevention. It promotes the benefits of exercise as well. The Journal of physiotherapy ( ) has an impact factor of 7. It prioritizes papers on clinical trials and epidemiological studies. All the data on these websites and journals is the latest which means it can be helpful in trying to find answers that might be thought by the nurses to be impossible at first. 


Finding credible information sources is not easy. There are a lot of journals and websites that might provide false data. Hence, it is necessary for nurses to know about the sources from which they can get information. If a new nurse has the support of her senior or mentors it can definitely help them in learning something new more quickly. For better research CRAAP method is valuable. I would suggest the nurses use these sites and websites if they encounter a problem related to the clinical situation mentioned above. Appreciating new nurses should be made common as it has a huge effect on nurses and how they will manage their patients in the future.


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NURS FPX 4030 Assessment 1 Locating Credible Databases and Research

De Meester, A., Barnett, L. M., Brian, A., Bowe, S. J., Jiménez-Díaz, J., Van Duyse, F., … & Haerens, L. (2020). The relationship between actual and perceived motor competence in children, adolescents and young adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine50(11), 2001-2049.

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