PCN 100 Topic 1 Dependence Counselor Places And Capabilities

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Counselor Places And Capabilities

A dependence counselor must have an understanding as to why dependence happens and where it comes from in a person’s life. It isn’t that a person wakes up one day and decides to come addicted to a substance. There are numerous factors in their lives that have led them up to that point that led them to the substance abuse. In this paper I’ll bandy the 10 core capabilities that I feel are most important for any dependence counselor to have.

First and foremost an dependence counselor has to have an understanding of a variety of propositions related to substance use. The counselor needs to be well educated in the language, propositions, and the scientific and theoretical models for dependence comforting. The station a counselor should have with this faculty is be open. Be open inclined to where their guests come from, what their backgrounds are, and the colorful models they may have to use to help heal their guests, this is faculty 1.

PCN 100 Topic 1 Dependence Counselor Places And Capabilities

Treatment And Recovery Process

Faculty 2 is feting where their guests come from, what’s their social, profitable, and artistic background. What makes their guests who they’re as people. The counselor will need to know their guests family background and if they’ve a history of medicine use. The counselor must have an appreciation of where their guests are from and note that any information given from their guests is precious. Faculty 6 goes right along with 2. Knowing the significance of family to the customer. Family can play a huge part in the treatment and recovery process for the customer. May they’ve a tight family connection and would like their families support or perhaps their family has drifted piecemeal over the times due to the dependence and they’ve no bone to lean on.

The station of a counselor should be appreciation. Appreciate that with some guests their will be fresh support, this could help out scientifically. Physically and mentally a counselor needs to know what’s wrong with their customer. Do they have any medical issues or internal issues? Are they on tradition drug? And how is their substance abuse affecting those preexisting diseases? This is faculty 4. The station of the counselor has to be amenability to reserve judgment until their customer has completed a clinical evaluation. A amenability to work with people who have and/ or display internal health conditions.

Faculty 10 is chancing different strategies to reduce to negative goods of substance use and the guests reliance on the substance. This means the counselor needs to find strategies similar as family help, interventions, tone- help programs, etc. Sitting in a room with a customer talking about the issue will only help so much, there’s only so important talking that can be done. Faculty 10 is about taking action and getting the customer more involved in their treatment and recovery process. A counselor must be open to colorful approaches and appreciate the different styles they’ll get to use and learn about.

PCN 100 Topic 1 Dependence Counselor Places And Capabilities

Faculty 11 goes on with 10

Faculty 11 is about constantly changing the guests treatment plan and strategizing throughout the process. This means chancing strategies that are applicable for the stages of where the customer is at. This means a counselor must be flexible and respect who the customer is and where they are from.

Faculty 13 follows 11, it’s about conforming to the range of treatment settings, chancing the strengths and weakness where they conduct their meetings and how to pierce and make their referrals available. A counselor will have to get creative where they’ve meetings and what makes their customer more comfortable. Most importantly, how is a customer going to be suitable to go all this treatment. Faculty 15 addresses about payment options. Utmost of these guests have wasted their plutocrat on substances and are most likely not going to be suitable to pay for it out of fund. A counselor will have to establish some type of payment or use an insurance plan for their guests. The counselor will have to have an understanding of the colorful payment options that are out there and how a customer can gain access to them. The counselor will have to have a amenability to deal with all these payment providers and amenability to explore options with the guests.

PCN 100 Topic 1 Dependence Counselor Places And Capabilities

Customer Stopgap

Faculty 17 is about keeping track of how the treatment and the process is going for each customer. It’s important that the customer knows how far they’ve come since the morning. It will give the customer stopgap and a sense of accomplishment when they see mileposts they’ve passed. Indeed as grown-ups we need praise and stimulant to get through this life. The counselor must fete that this is a veritably important step for them and the customer. It’s to keep track of everything they’ve worked on. It’s to show what has worked and has not worked.

Faculty 20, the most important of all the core capabilities for an dependence counselor, handling bones tone with professionalism and being immorally correct. This mean the counselor must be professional at all times and keep the boundaries clear and the relationship professional. Establishing every commerce the counselor has with the customer, phones, calls, emails, sessions. This will help cover the counselor and the customer from any possible allegation that may come up or if this is court ordered treatment they can show it was constantly professional.


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