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Substance Use And Co-Occurring Disorder Paper

This paper will bandy the DSM diagnostics criteria of two diseases, the two chosen are Gambling and Mood complaint. DSM is short for The Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorder. It’s the text used by professionals in the United States and important of the world to diagnose internal diseases. It contains descriptions, symptoms, and other criteria for diagnosing internal diseases. The DSM is dependable and is used by clinicians and experimenters. It ensures that experimenters are studying the same complaint. Compulsive obsessive, acute stress and post-traumatic stress complaint are no longer cover in the DSM as they considered not being an anxiety complaint. While substance use complaint is honored in the DSM those involving food internet and coitus aren’t included. There are five current performances.

PCN 100 Topic 3 Benchmark

The Goods Of Gambling

A clinician should always be apprehensive that in substance abuse that frequently there are other internal diseases that may have analogous symptoms. Pathological gambling is the only process dependence included in the DSM- 5. APA, 2013,p. 585) “ The goods of gambling can be just as ruinous as alcohol/ medicines, indeed deadly in cases of self-murder and reckless life- hanging gusted”.( Benson 2019) The signs to look for in a person gambling are preoccupation, hiding or lying, laying despite the consequences, passing pullout when not gambling, dislocation of diurnal life, fastidious problem, stealing and expression of guilt or guilt over gambling. “preoccupation for gambling can be created in any player”.( Benson 2019) If a person expresses 4 to 5 of these symptoms, they have a mild problem 6 to7 a moderate problem or all 8 are considered a severe problem.

A mood complaint is a internal health problem that effects a person’s emotional state. Their mood may change depending on the situation. They also may witness long ages of happiness or sadness. The DSM has now separated mood complaint into two groups bipolar and depressive. The most common mood complaint is depression. To address depression a person will be feeling may be sadness no longer interested in important corridor of life. In severe cases studies of self-murder. Ways that gambling and mood complaint are analogous is they both have times of extreme happiness and times of extreme sadness. Winning would make the person experience swoon while losing will be great sadness and indeed studies of self-murder. Admitting to feeling of guilt and loss of interest would be disturbing to them.

PCN 100 Topic 3 Benchmark

Behavioral Issue

It would be delicate for a clinician to separate the difference between the two. Not knowing the person tête-à-tête, he she doesn’t have an edge. This customer would most probably be admitted with a gambling problem and ignorant they’ve a internal health issue. This customer may not be suitable to separate the two as well and may be surprised to find out they’ve a internal health issue. It’s important to be suitable to distinguish between the two so the customer may get the help that they are seeking. While gambling may be a behavioral issue and there’s no drug for this the internal health issue should be addressed so the case can admit the proper drug to be suitable to control their feelings more and make better choices. However, they If they’re in a sad mood will be seeking gambling to make them feel more although it may not if they don’t win, they do not understand their feelings. Frequently, they’re seeking the swoon they feel from winning to make the sadness go down.

PCN 100 Topic 3 Benchmark

Dependence Issues

At times they may not be suitable to control their feelings the feeling of spread and shame only drive them into a deeper state of depression. In conclusion we, have looked at gambling and mood complaint and how they might affect a person and the parallels and specifics of each and how- to opinion them. They’re veritably analogous, yet both have their own individualities. A clinician could be treating them for one and not realize the other is there until after they solicit and get to know the person a little better. Binary opinion is common. Both should be treated, and the customer informed or educated on how they coincide. Educating them on dependence issues and essence health issue will help them to understand themselves a little better. They will gain confidence maybe when they realize why they are doing the effects they do and why they’ve the feelings they do.

The process will educate them how to identify their feelings and the effects that spark them. Hopefully with drug they will be more in control of their feelings. When they feel sad, they will look for other ways to deal with those passions. A clinician should always be apprehensive that in substance abuse that frequently there are other internal diseases that may have analogous symptoms.


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