PCN 360 Topic 2 Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

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Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

Laws are put in place to help cover all members of society. Still, more specific bills are put in place to insure the protection and well- being of the most vulnerable people throughout the United States. As people age, they begin to bear the backing of others to help insure that they’re being taken care of and their utmost introductory requirements are being met. This can be done by their children, family members, or professionals in nursing homes and other analogous installations.

Unfortunately, due to colorful reasons, the abuse of senior and vulnerable people has come more current and life- hanging because it’s no longer being solely within the confines of a person’s home and due to the rise in life expectation over the last century (Hattery &Smith., 2016). Scholars believe that over to 10 of aged grown-ups and vulnerable people will be abused in some form or another by their caretaker or loved one (Hattery &Smith., 2016). In addition, for every case of abuse that’s filed, there will be five further cases that don’t get reported (Hattery &Smith., 2016).

PCN 360 Topic 2 Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

So, as generations get aged and come more dependent upon the existent that’s minding for them, it’s essential that specific norms of care are being met. However, counselors and other commanded journalists must be suitable to fete the signs If they’re not and patterns of abuse and step in to help the existent that’s being manhandled. The Elderly Justice Act was inked into law by Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.

The EJA was written and passed to help insure the safety of elderly citizens throughout the United States by establishing public leadership services and premonitory boards, subventions to support adult defensive services, and perfecting data exchanges and obligatory reporting within civil installations (NCEA,n.d). The laws in the state of Florida work in accord with the public regulations. In fact, the state has been calling different laws concerning senior abuse since the 1980s (NCEA,n.d).

PCN 360 Topic 2 Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

Both civil and state laws bear any commanded functionary to report the abuse once it’s suspected or the commanded functionary has come apprehensive that abuse is being. In addition, though no specific schedule is given at the civil position, the state requires that any contended abuse is told to the proper authorities within 48 hours of the commanded person getting apprehensive (FDCF, 2013). Neither the civil laws nor the state laws pertaining to the abuse of the senior were veritably surprising or unanticipated.

Both have been set in a manner that tries to cover the people that are most vulnerable to abuse because of their aged age, but also tries to take into account their indigenous rights as well. Although, in Florida, the laws relating to the abuse of the senior and vulnerable grown-ups, law enforcement takes the lead in all examinations. Still, it’s the responsibility of the department of children and families to insure that the indigenous rights and particular liberties of the contended abused existent are kept complete (FDCF, 2013).

PCN 360 Topic 2 Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

Thus, it is a little surprising that it’s the responsibility of the DCF to make sure the rights are upheld and not the law enforcement officers. Nonetheless, I suppose if the existent is assumed to have been taken advantage of or abused because of their incapability to watch for them, to begin with, it makes a little sense. Laws and regulations feel to address the issues at hand within the senior community. But, of course, there’s no way in the world that any law could help every case of every crime or maltreatment of people, and that’s just the unfortunate verity of the society we find ourselves in moment.

I do, still, believe that because of new legislation inked into law a couple of times ago by Governor Ron DeSantis that reviews causes of death to see if there was anything that could have averted the death( Mills, 2020). This legislation is intended to keep seniors and vulnerable grown-ups safe while by long- term care installations and to insure they admit the stylish possible care. Florida chamber nonage leader Audrey Gibson believes that this will help keep the people in charge of minding for the senior further responsible and, as a result, help to reduce the number of cases where abuse is likely to do (Mills, 2020).

PCN 360 Topic 2 Ethical Liabilities and Domestic Violence Reporting

Reporting the neglect of a child or a senior grown-up is the same in Florida. In both situations, the reports are made and transferred to the department of children and families and delved by original law enforcement (FDCF, 2019). In addition, children and senior or vulnerable grown-ups are placed in the same order because they depend upon another person to give their introductory essential requirements for everyday living, like food, sanctum, and particular hygiene. When the person that has taken responsibility for the care of a child or vulnerable grown-up does not match specific norms, also DCF will step by and probe the findings of law enforcement (FDCF, 2019).

It’s terrible when the requirements of a senior person counting upon the care of their children, family members, or care installation specialist aren’t met. Indeed worse still is the lack of care that also becomes vituperative. Any type of abuse is wrong, but when a senior grown-up is physically or sexually assaulted, we’ve to insure that, as counselors, we take every step necessary to insure they are taken out of the dangerous situations as snappily as possible. Thus, understanding how and when to file reports is of the utmost significance in order to keep the aged generation safe and to help them live longer and more prosperous lives.


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