PSY 352 Topic 1 Health Psychology Employment Opportunities

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What Is Health Psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association, Clinical health psychology is” the study and perpetration of clinical services among different populations to promote health and good, as well as to treat, manage, and help illness and disability” (n.d.). Health psychology includes the combination of cerebral, social, artistic, natural, and professional knowledge and operation to explore, provide clinical services, consult, supervise, and educate other healthcare providers and psychology professionals, as well as furnishing advice to policymakers, the public, associations, and institutions (PsyDPrograms, 2019).

Memory, literacy, perception, cognition, and provocation all influence health-related actions that affect physical illness, disability, and injury, according to health psychologists. Weight operation, smoking conclusion, pain operation, cerebral adaptation to complaint and complaint, and adherence to medical treatments are just many motifs covered by health psychology (PsyDPrograms, 2019). A health psychologist, for illustration, may help someone with ADHD in developing focus strategies or indispensable behavioral curatives that may be salutary. Although psychologists can’t define drugs, they can relate cases to croakers and assess the efficacy of drug treatments.

What is the Part of a Health Psychologist?

PSY 352 Topic 1 Health Psychology Employment Opportunities

Assessment, Intervention, Consultation, and Evaluation are each important chops and procedures used by health psychologists. Interviews, observing guests, personality assessments, reviewing medical records, and studying natural parameters related to conditions are all part of the assessment process. Individualities, families, and groups admit psychotherapy, health creation, and behavioral interventions. Consultation entails uniting with the larger healthcare platoon, including family members, developing programs, and sharing in multidisciplinary brigades. Evaluation is the process of assessing and developing practices grounded on exploration methodologies (PsyDPrograms, 2019). According to the APA, health psychology exploration helps to keep health costs low, identify causes and forestallment of health problems, and probe why some groups don’t admit the care they bear (American Psychological Association,n.d.).

Where Do Health Psychologists Work?

Health psychologists work in a variety of settings similar to hospitals, community health centers, consulting enterprises, other medical professions, or at their own companies constricting with larger bones to ameliorate hand well-being ( British et al..).

Original Openings

They are some of the original openings I set up during the alternate week of December 2021. There were seven entry- positions and four mid-level openings within 25 long hauls of where I live. Utmost had an expansive qualification list and needed a master’s degree in health psychology or further, while some only needed a high academy parchment with other favored experience. Utmost job types were care fellows or specialists like youth substance abuse or African American/ Black Culture KSA. Indeed at some entry-position positions, there are decent benefits like disability, health, vision, and dental insurance, 401(k) and matching, and Paid time off. I also inquired with some original academy headliners about any available openings, and they were eager to speak with staff in order to find a shadowing position.

Prospects for a Health Psychologist

PSY 352 Topic 1 Health Psychology Employment Opportunities

The job outlook for health psychologists is bright, with an anticipated growth of 14 percent in all areas of psychology by 2028, significantly faster than the public average. Employment should increase due to the high demand for clinical and health psychologists’ services in seminaries, internal health centers, social service agencies, and insurance companies low health- care costs (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,n.d.).


Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology or an affiliated field is the first step toward getting a health psychologist. With a bachelor’s degree, openings for shadowing at academy comforting or businesses come available. A master’s degree in health psychology is needed to earn a payment and work away. Also, depending on the state, complete several thousand hours of clinical experience. Work as an exploration adjunct or gests specialist under the supervision of a certified psychologist becomes available with a master’s degree and licensure.

What Do Examinations and Licensing Involve?

PSY 352 Topic 1 Health Psychology Employment Opportunities

You must be certified by your state’s licensing board to practice any type of psychology. In some countries, still, professionals who work for a university, city or state agency, exploration lab, or company may be pure from carrying a license (American Psychological Association,n.d.). All U.S. states bear aspirants to pass the EPPP (70 percent or 500 score, depending on the state), a question test that covers the most important aspects of psychology, similar to social and natural bases of guests, as well as assessment and opinion.


After conducting exploration, I feel more confident in my plans for the coming 5- 10 times. Examining the path to a promising occupation helped me to understand the details, complications, immunity, variables, and qualifications that are needed to come a health psychologist or other affiliated field. I understand further about the field of health psychology and have a clearer direction of where I might enjoy working. Learning about places, specific exemplifications, colorful work settings, original openings, the prospects for the field’s future, and conditions allowed me to grow my confidence in my knowledge and its operation in the future.


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