PSYC 290 Week 7 lifespan Part One Reflection

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Reaching 70 is a significant milestone in my family; it is considered an outstanding achievement. I believe that God truly blesses anyone who lives to be 70 years old. Adding another seven years to reach 77 is even more remarkable. However, despite being diagnosed with terrible cancer and knowing I have only a few months left to live, I am determined to approach life as if I am not dying. So haven’t already lived my 77 years on this earth.

This mindset is because when my time comes, I want people to remember me as someone who faced life’s most challenging moments with strength and resilience, living each day and embracing life fully, no matter the circumstances. The loved ones can say, “Even in her most challenging times, she lived her life to the fullest.”

PSYC 290 Week 7 lifespan Part One Reflection

There is something specific that I have always wanted to do: organize a grand cookout. However, I envision this cookout as more than a regular gathering. It would be a special event where all my family members come together. I imagine a day filled with joy, laughter, and heartfelt connections. The children would play and enjoy themselves while the adults gathered around the grill, engaging in conversations about things that may not seem important tomorrow but hold great significance at that moment.

During this cookout, I want each person to have the opportunity to share something positive or a cherished memory they have of me throughout the years we have spent together. It saddens me to realize that many families often fail to express their feelings and appreciation. We tend to wait until a loved one has passed away to speak of our love and gratitude for them. I find this practice to be nonsensical. Hence, this cookout would serve as a platform for my family to express their sentiments and share the thoughts they would otherwise save for my funeral.

PSYC 290 Week 7 lifespan Part One Reflection

This gathering would allow everyone to reflect on the honor of those moments. They openly express their love, appreciation, and their lasting memories. Such an occasion is not typical among many families, making me wonder why. Why do we often withhold our feelings until it is too late? This cookout allows me to break that pattern and celebrate life together, ensuring that I feel cherished and loved during my last months.

This gathering will be filled with laughter, tears, and a deep connection. As stories are shared, there will be moments of joy and nostalgia, allowing everyone present to truly appreciate our impact on each other’s lives. While I am still alive, I will have this celebration. The love and support from my family during these final months are the most precious gifts I could ask for.

PSYC 290 Week 7 lifespan Part One Reflection

In the next part of my reflection, I want to delve deeper into my personal I aim to leave a legacy of love, resilience, and embracing life fully, even in the face of adversity. Through my experiences, others may find inspiration and learn to cherish the moments they have with their loved ones. The express our feelings and appreciation to those who matter most to us, while we still can.


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