SOC 2000 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Topic Selection and Data Collection Proposal

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For this assignment, I have chosen to focus on equal rights for homosexuals and the numerous social issues they face. The reason behind my selection is deeply personal, as my best friend is a black gay male who has been subjected to discrimination based on both his sexuality and race. Recognizing the importance of diversity in sociological studies, I believe it is crucial to address the experiences of this minority group who face discrimination due to their sexual preferences.

While progress has been made in taking same-sex relationships, many societies still have a significant opinion divide. Regardless of whether one identifies as homosexual or heterosexual, society should treat everyone equally, with respect, and accept individuals for who they are, rather than focusing on their sexual orientation. We must work towards providing equal rights to all individuals, including job opportunities and access to housing, regardless of their sexual orientation. SOC 2000 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Topic Selection and Data Collection Proposal

Data Collection

I employ a questionnaire as a data collection tool to gather data on my chosen topic. The questionnaire will consist of questions about age, gender, race, education, and personal opinions regarding homosexuality. By examining these factors, I hope to gain insights into how individuals genuinely feel about homosexuality and the underlying reasons behind their attitudes. This questionnaire will also provide an opportunity to explore ways to foster understanding and unity among different individuals and communities.

Conducting a questionnaire offers several advantages in terms of data collection. It allows for an efficient and systematic approach, leading to a potentially higher response rate. Additionally, questionnaires provide anonymity, enabling respondents to provide honest answers without fear of judgment or repercussion.


In support of my topic, I will be utilizing various resources. One such resource is the book “Same Sex: Debating the Ethics, Science, and Culture of Homosexuality,” available in the Capella library. This book comprehensively explores different aspects surrounding homosexuality, touching upon topics such as gay marriage, the meaning of being gay, and gay rights. Additionally, I will be referencing Part IV, Chapter 12, “Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Americans,” from our course textbook, “Race, Ethnicity, Gender, & Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change, 7th edition.” This chapter provides valuable insights into the experiences and challenges faced by individuals in the gay and lesbian community.

SOC 2000 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Topic Selection and Data Collection Proposal

To further enhance my understanding and gather relevant information, I will also utilize the website, which focuses on gay and lesbian rights. These resources collectively contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the experiences and struggles of the gay and lesbian community, aiding in formulating cohesive and meaningful questions for the questionnaire.


To interpret and analyze my research, I have identified three sociological concepts guiding my exploration: prejudice, stereotypes, and minority groups. These concepts play integral roles in shaping societal attitudes and behaviors towards homosexuality. Prejudice often leads to discriminatory actions and biases, while stereotypes can perpetuate harmful misconceptions and generalizations.

By examining how these concepts influence attitudes towards homosexuals, we can gain insights into the underlying factors contributing to discrimination. Moreover, understanding the experiences of homosexuality as a minority group within society is crucial in comprehending the broader dynamics of power and social inequality.

In conclusion, through this assignment, I aim to shed light on the challenges faced by homosexuals in their pursuit of equal rights. By employing a questionnaire as a data collection tool and drawing upon various resources, I seek to gain a deeper understanding of societal attitudes toward homosexuality. SOC 2000 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Topic Selection and Data Collection Proposal

Furthermore, by exploring the sociological concepts of prejudice, stereotypes, and minority groups, I hope to unravel the complex dynamics contributing to discrimination and work towards fostering a more inclusive and accepting society for all individuals, irrespective of their sexual orientation.


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