SOC FPX 1150 ASSESSMENT 3 Relationship Building at Work

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Relationship Building at Work

Rita: Rita is the project manager. As a project manager, she leads the team and gives it direction. Being mindful, she ensures that all team members receive useful information while promoting diversity and mutual respect. In collaboration, she shares the company’s decisions with team members before execution.

Nashim: utility staff that helps other team members to do their work well. He made additional efforts to ensure there was open communication and cooperation in the team for it to succeed.

Dave: is a graduate trainee that provides marketing support, including preparing presentations for customer engagement. He engages superior in preparing his presentations, leading to more staff bonding.

Ernesto is a consultant who provides management support and mentor junior staff. For example, he provided mentorship to Dave, and other junior staff, promoting team spirit in the company.

Strategies for Building Relationships by Members

Rita, while promoting diversity, listens to everyone and ensures that their opinions count. For instance, through Rita’s efforts, Nashim was eventually retained in the project and continued to wear multiple hats for the team.

Nashim: promotes diversity and open communication mindfully. For instance, even though his accent was a bit strange, he could successfully communicate with other team members and got feedback.

Dave shows mutual respect. Following the success of his presentation, he respectfully reached out to all his superiors, who contributed to appreciating them.

Ernesto helps to ensure understanding among team members. He intervened to prevent tensions during meetings, and members interacted better.

Collaborative Strategies Used by Members

Rita practiced open communication, established goals, roles, and responsibilities, and maintained respectful group dynamics. In all, there was a strong team that delivered on their objective.

Nashim maintained respectful group dynamics. As a utility staff, he overcame challenges to support different teams and enhanced collaboration in the company.

Dave: he practiced open communication. Following the success of his presentation communicated feedback to team members to appreciate their cooperation.

Ernesto maintained respectful group dynamics. He was available to junior mentor staff in different ways. In mentoring staff and support teams, he strengthened collaboration.

SOC FPX 1150 ASSESSMENT 3 Relationship Building at Work

Importance of Collaboration and Relationship Building

 The success of people working together, whether at a business level or personal interaction, is defined by their ability and willingness to collaborate. For one, it’s easy to pull individual resources to provide an effective solution which won’t have been possible without collaboration. Equally, it promotes skills sharing. If your team can bring its expertise to the table, everyone can coach each other, teach a new skill, and elevate the team. (Šanc & Prosen, 2022). When people collaborate, they build stronger ties that enhance communication and transfer of skills, consequently improving productivity.

People who collaborate are healthier and happier. A healthy relationship in a team stimulates the production of cortisol in members, leading to low-stress levels that ensure good health and wellness. (Northwestern Medicine, 2021).

SOC FPX 1150 ASSESSMENT 3 Relationship Building at Work


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